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8 Times The Video Game Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight

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If only they knew.

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  1. You know what's funny? Half of these killers are cops.

  2. The inpersonification of plainess, the mastermind behind the killing games in drv3 is not on the list? What a shame. And the secret person reveal of all time … Zero from zero escape vlr says hello.

  3. I see whatculture has listened to us somewhat and gives a heads up on what games will be talked about. OXBOX UR INFLUENCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS 🤘🏾😂

  4. Heavy rain was the first thing i thought when watching the video, the fact that the game makes you play and simpathize with the killer is pretty well done, i love that game

  5. damn you with the persona 4 spoiler…i know is an old game, but i didnt at the time have a ps2 and now having an emulator i can play it on PC and DIDNT FINISH THE GAME YET….i guess i should have watched the first 30s of the video

  6. "As I'm recording this the trailer for Lost Judgement just dropped"

    When did you record this? In May?

  7. Did they just state the Telltales Game of Thrones game was good? It was barely a game.

  8. Persona 4's real villain who is hidden in plain sight was…


    the gas station attendant, ALA, the goddess Izanami, who have the protagonist and the two major villains their powers, as well as being the original being of whom Marie is an offshoot of.

    Though if we're talking about hiding in plain sight Persona villains,


    the little boy from Persona 3 and flippin' "Igor" from Persona 5 are at least as impactful.

  9. What if Liquid Snake was actually the clone of Master Miller and not BigBoss?

  10. The traitor in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and source of the POV Character's amnesia?


    The main character, of whom the POV Character is the Guardian Spirit. He was working with the main villains Grimm before the start of the game in order to get the power needed to avenger his murdered father and brother, and had your memory erased because he needed your help to achieve his goals but you weren't willing to risk releasing their equivalent of Satan just to sate the MC's thirst for revenge.

  11. Bro you guys are a channel with millions of subscribers get this dude a better mic, my mans sounds like he was reading the script from a from a nuclear submarine lol 😂

  12. I swear the character bio at 7:34 for Knights of the Old Republic sure as hell looks like Adam Driver

  13. I liked the yakuza games…kinda. I would like them so so sooooo much more if they respected my time and let me skip boring animation scenes that arent movies where like, a character slowly walks across a room, pauses, SLOWLY SITS DOWN,Pauses AGAIN, then pararagraphs and paragraphs of text. its got to be easily digestible or skipable ffs

  14. Persona 4G > Persona 5 every single time without fail.

  15. Lautrec in dark souls. He killed my fire keeper and I thought we were friends…😔😔

  16. Kinda cool with Jill valentine at res 5 or bio shock Fontaine

  17. It would've been so easy to just give the title of the game and leave the name for later in the explanation.

  18. kotor and judgement were both obvious …. especially kotor

  19. An old one was from No One Lives Forever. The drunk guy seen at various bars throughout the game turned out to be the real head villain of the criminal organization similar to Blofeld of SPECTRE. He even turned up in a bar on a space station at one point!

  20. Batman Telltale Games (season 1 & 2) are the best games in the Telltale Games series/library in my opinion… 💯

  21. “Brother moon?” Isn’t it Brethren moon?

  22. Good! I’m sorry but I hate how stupid yazuza has gotten! It has ruined the series… I hope they are dropping that whole thing… god plz!

  23. The game you are playing either has a mystery killer or a villain whose motivations are unclear.
    The answer to the "Twist" of the games plot is:

    "The identity of the REAL villain behind the game is…"
    1. The co-investigator/enforcer who has been by your side from the start.
    2. Your Boss who has been giving you orders.
    3. 'YOU'

    … congratulations. I have spoiled the "unexpected" twist of 4/5 of all "Twist" games from the past 20 years, and the next 5 to come. It is as bad as the old "The Butler Did it" Murder Mystery trope.

    It isn't clever any more. I already see it comming.

  24. Thank you for giving the spoiler warning. It's really appreciated.

  25. Actually in persona 4 the real killer was bot Idatchi. It was the petrol pump guy that give everyone personas and manipulated everyone even Idatchi. Also on top of that he was one of secret and hardest boss yet that you dare to fight.

  26. I am sure it’s come up a million times on the channel before but the clay face in Arkham city is one that comes to mind. How we saw him in the asylum game shape shifting when you turn away, then healthy joker having no bones in detective mode in arkham city. That game had a knack for barely hiding anything and getting away with it really well.

  27. What, no Evelyn from RE7? No PI from Heavy Rain?

  28. I watched a playthrough of Firewatch a few years back and have been seriously considering getting it ever since. Sad thing is, the price of it has never dropped from it's release on the PS Store.

  29. Lol am I the only person who doesn't like the spoilers in the beginning? I always close my eyes when OXBOX shows them. I like the list to be a surprise

  30. How about Jade Empire? Your teacher and father figure turns out to the ruthless general who screwed the world by coming up with a plan for the emperor to usurp a god. Then he abducted you as a baby and raised you to be a weapon against that same emperor so he could, in turn, usurp the throne.

  31. I like it on Metal Gear Solid once you change the PAL key card in the blast furnace you make contact with Master Miller to which he says;

    Miller: The key changed shape. Hurry to the control room!…. That's the last key!

    Snake: Master. I've never heard you that excited.

    Master: …

  32. Can you let us know all the games you spoil before the video? I find that really helpful. Thanks.

  33. Have you guys ever heard of that Heavy Rain game?

  34. Frickin' Adachi! 😤🤬 Also, P4 beats P5, any day.

  35. Good on you for not doing the same lists over and over. This one was interesting

  36. Master Li from Jade Empire is one of that springs to mind from ages ago. He reveals himself to be the Emperor's brother before being kidnapped, which drives 90% of the story. You finally defeat the Emperor and Li strides up to you and congratulates you on vanquishing his evil brother, before distracting you and killing you on the spot and taking his brother's place.
    Another that I thought of are Devola and Popola of Nier: Replicant. They've been your friends and caretakers for years, only for you to run into them once you go into the Shadowlord's realm, where they infodump on all the unknown backstory.

  37. this guy needs to get a better mic i can barely hear him and when i turn up my speakers
    my ears hurt for how loud and hollow the video sounds dude ask jules to get you a better
    mic i skip all your videos cause who can handle that is beyond me, no disrespect man

  38. Kotor is a great one. But what about heavy rain?

  39. Killers hiding in plain sight my boi adachi is the best imo

  40. If Star Wars: KOTOR counts, so too should Undertale.

    It's not nearly as clearly stated, but it's more or less the same reveal: YOU are Chara. And the possible endings are identical as well.

    Good endings:
    KOTOR: Keep a lid on the fact that you know you were Revan and continue to live on with your new Jedi identity.
    Undertale: Let "Chara" remain dead and continue your new life as Frisk.

    Bad endings:
    KOTOR: Resume your old identity and rain down holy hell.
    Undertale: "Resurrect" Chara and destroy the whole world.

  41. I couldn’t believe Leonardo was Liquid Snake.

  42. 7.18, ahahhahahha, you wish Scott, what kind of grade a bs is that, bioshock has the best secret evil person reveal. I have no idea what he's on about!

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