8 Times The Video Game Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight - video-games-arcade.com

8 Times The Video Game Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight

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If only they knew.

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  1. So what about general shepherd from call of duty

  2. 7.18, ahahhahahha, you wish Scott, what kind of grade a bs is that, bioshock has the best secret evil person reveal. I have no idea what he's on about!

  3. I couldn’t believe Leonardo was Liquid Snake.

  4. If Star Wars: KOTOR counts, so too should Undertale.

    It's not nearly as clearly stated, but it's more or less the same reveal: YOU are Chara. And the possible endings are identical as well.

    Good endings:
    KOTOR: Keep a lid on the fact that you know you were Revan and continue to live on with your new Jedi identity.
    Undertale: Let "Chara" remain dead and continue your new life as Frisk.

    Bad endings:
    KOTOR: Resume your old identity and rain down holy hell.
    Undertale: "Resurrect" Chara and destroy the whole world.

  5. Killers hiding in plain sight my boi adachi is the best imo

  6. Kotor is a great one. But what about heavy rain?

  7. this guy needs to get a better mic i can barely hear him and when i turn up my speakers
    my ears hurt for how loud and hollow the video sounds dude ask jules to get you a better
    mic i skip all your videos cause who can handle that is beyond me, no disrespect man

  8. Master Li from Jade Empire is one of that springs to mind from ages ago. He reveals himself to be the Emperor's brother before being kidnapped, which drives 90% of the story. You finally defeat the Emperor and Li strides up to you and congratulates you on vanquishing his evil brother, before distracting you and killing you on the spot and taking his brother's place.
    Another that I thought of are Devola and Popola of Nier: Replicant. They've been your friends and caretakers for years, only for you to run into them once you go into the Shadowlord's realm, where they infodump on all the unknown backstory.

  9. Good on you for not doing the same lists over and over. This one was interesting

  10. Frickin' Adachi! 😤🤬 Also, P4 beats P5, any day.

  11. Have you guys ever heard of that Heavy Rain game?

  12. Can you let us know all the games you spoil before the video? I find that really helpful. Thanks.

  13. I like it on Metal Gear Solid once you change the PAL key card in the blast furnace you make contact with Master Miller to which he says;

    Miller: The key changed shape. Hurry to the control room!…. That's the last key!

    Snake: Master. I've never heard you that excited.

    Master: …

  14. How about Jade Empire? Your teacher and father figure turns out to the ruthless general who screwed the world by coming up with a plan for the emperor to usurp a god. Then he abducted you as a baby and raised you to be a weapon against that same emperor so he could, in turn, usurp the throne.

  15. Lol am I the only person who doesn't like the spoilers in the beginning? I always close my eyes when OXBOX shows them. I like the list to be a surprise

  16. I watched a playthrough of Firewatch a few years back and have been seriously considering getting it ever since. Sad thing is, the price of it has never dropped from it's release on the PS Store.

  17. What, no Evelyn from RE7? No PI from Heavy Rain?

  18. I am sure it’s come up a million times on the channel before but the clay face in Arkham city is one that comes to mind. How we saw him in the asylum game shape shifting when you turn away, then healthy joker having no bones in detective mode in arkham city. That game had a knack for barely hiding anything and getting away with it really well.

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