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60 in 1 iCade Multicade Arcade Multigame JAMMA Review

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I review the 60 in 1 iCade Multicade Arcade Multigame JAMMA board.


  1. I have the same board different maker. Just wondering does gyruss have sound glitching?

  2. That’s your audio settings no issue with the games

  3. Great review. After I watched this I purchased a 60 in 1 kit and a 3 inch track ball from Paradise Arcade Shop, and a dedicated Happ dedicated 4 way from Ebay.

    Had Coin Ops original set up in a Space Invader Cabinet that I found in the trash with an X-Arcade controller and XBox. Unfortunately the hard drive crashed. Pretty bad regarding 4 way game play.

    Bought two two player Pandora’s Box 20s 3D WiFi’s on Ebay. Set one for 4 way to play older arcade games and one set for 8 Way to infinity for fighting. With the upgraded Sanwa JLFs it plays pretty good on the 4 way gate. However lacks the proper feel for PAC, DK, etc.

    Growing up in the late 70s and early 80’s is a blessing and a curse regarding arcade.

    After playing the originals believe the only way to get close to the feel is by doing the full 60 in one set up with a track ball.

    Not knocking it but personally not interested in 1st Up. Cabinets don’t have dimensions for comfortable game play. However I do think it does reach those who don’t have the space.

    We will see how the 60 in on for the Space Invaders Cab goes.

  4. Hi, does anyone know how to enable two players?

  5. honestly, this thing is worth it JUST for Galaga, the Pacman's, donkey kong, and centipede

  6. Awesome review. I am trying to build a barcade, and I've setup a vertical monitor to play only those type of games. Can you say all vertical games requires maximum 3 buttons ?.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. My biggest bummer with this 60 n 1 is the really poor graphics on some of the games. Games like Galaga 3 and Gyrrus, for example, look really blocky. To the point that it distorts the image and looks nothing like the original. Other games look better but not good enough IMHO

  8. 8bitredcat My buddy has the Multicade, I was wondering if there is a way to get more credits applied to the game? Right now we just keep playing the same level one over and over again. We tried to add a quarter but that doesn't do anything. Any suggestions?

  9. How do I get a machine like that with that monitor? A lot of machines I see on eBay are digital with a flat screen. Is there a specific website I can order the machine with the type of cabinet I want? And also I saw a 39-1 and it looks the same as the 60-1. So are these just things that I install into the machine?

  10. I have this same board how do i connect this to play off my 4k tv what do i need

  11. Would you make a video showing how to install it to your arcade? I can’t get it to work on my horizontal style street fighter 2 arcade.

  12. Looking for an arcade game that includes Phoenix and galaga…but Phoenix was my all time favorite…can someone tell me which arcade includes Phoenix with galaga?

  13. These boards have to have the negative 5 volts disconnected from the power supply or it will cause reset or lock up issues.

  14. If I disable all games but 1 will it automatically load that game I have turned on?

  15. love this jamma board built plenty of them

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