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#578 GIGANTIC Konami X MEN 6 Player Arcade Video Game! HUGE! TNT Amusements

TNT Amusements Inc
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One of the few 6 player X Men Arcade Machines that still survive today, this machine is an amazing 4 ft wide and 6 ft deep! PLUS, see how it comes apart! LOTS of Good Information!


  1. Brother I NEED THIS. I'm begging you, please tell me how to buy these beautiful babies.

    I NEED my childhood back. Even just for a few hours.

  2. If I ever bought an arcade cabinet, it'd be this one and 2 player Virtual On

  3. Man,you guys do some seriously GREAT work

  4. Or ask Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri for the art that they drew.

  5. I'm glad there are folks like guys rescuing these old dream machines. Thank you for your service.

  6. I played this massive cabinet around the summer '93 and I remember when I saw it in the middle of the room I almost jawdropped. Once we were able to put together a 6 players team to kill the final boss, it was a lot of fun! (only the player 1 and player 6 position are not that comfortable because of the 90 degrees rotation) Sad to hear only a hundred are out there, if it arrived in my little italian town I assumed it was more popular. By the way the double screen was not a new thing, there were already some cabinets with double tv monitor you could sit on as a bench already around 1989-1990. I remember an impressive Final Fight on double screen with pretty loud sounds. They didn't use the mirror trick but appeared to be simply two 28 inches TVs set side by side horizontally. Thanks for showing it!

  7. One of my favorite arcade games as a kid. My local Wal-Mart had the 4-player version. It is a shame it never got a console release. I wonder why? It seems like it would have been a great game for a home conversion. I think the Super Nintendo could have handled a pretty faithful version of it. It would have been an awesome game for the Sega Saturn though, probably could have been arcade perfect.

  8. I have been spending my free time and days off watching your videos and love the work you guys do. May I ask what type of paint does Steven use? I ask because I like to restore the art the same way but not sure if there is a paint that works better than most. Cheers TNT =]

  9. this was a fun game. I remember being at Wyandot Lake in the erarly 90s playing this. there were ususally atleast a couple kids on it already playing it and you could just jump in and help out with the cause…unless Dazzler was the only one left, nobody wanted that bitch. Ah, the good ole days.

  10. If ANYONE that lives in Ohio has one of these suckers at their house, hit me up, I'll come over and help you defeat Magneto.

  11. was the color fixed in the right monitor before being shipped it was a bit off from the left one. just curious as it looks beautiful.

  12. What kind of paint does he use for the repairs

  13. That game is one of the greatest creations in interactive media.

  14. We had one at our Aladdin's Castle in Hammond Indiana…RIP Woodmar Mall

  15. Fun Factory, outside Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids, Mi.

    I played as Dazzler, kiddies.

  16. The right monitor looks a little off. Kinda dark. I never got into those konami hack and slash games.

  17. I see the game in action When I was growing up and probably the best X-Men game imho.

  18. This is the one game that you could walk in an arcade solo and leave with 5 friends after playing

  19. Whats the retail on one of these? I've seen a 2 player & 4 player cabinets over the years but an actual 6 player cabinet is very rare.

  20. This is a cool arcade machine but you only had 1 job! You we're supposed to make the right screen face up then add the mirror on the right just like you made the left screen face up then add the mirror on the left!

  21. Do you dispatch damage to you in America?

  22. Are both monitors same size? Why only one sticks out?

  23. What a remarkable game. Wish I could have seen one of these in-person.

  24. this guy is lowkey pretty cool still being in the business

  25. What kind of paint and brushes you guys using? I would like to do touchup work on mine, but first would like to know what type of paint and brushes you guys use.

  26. Well I am starting to get into the older videos now buddy… That machine is GINORMOUS!!!!! Hell of a sign painter your Steve is!!!!… I knew a great sign painter named Dwane but he is no longer with us…Sign painting is a lost art, not many sign painter's left… Hold on to that guy with all ya got….I love the overspray inside the cabinet's….Really cool stuff… I hope no one got hurt moving that big ass thing….You used those solid capped capacitor's too… You can stash an illegal alien in that sucker LOL….It sad they would call that a racist sound check today the ignorant lib tard bastards…. I mean i believe in being nice to eachother in all but C'MON, people were tougher in 6 years ago… Funny what we could get away with 6 years ago up to now…

  27. They had one of these monsters at my favorite arcade when I was a kid.
    In the same area with all the big sit-in cabinets, directly behind it and to the left was a Starblade… Which I think was smaller..

  28. Salina, KS had one.
    Hutchinson, KS had a 4-player version.

  29. The serial number is under the barcode on the back

  30. According to internet, michael jackson had one of these and its actually in its own museum. +1 and suscribed!

  31. I played one of these @ Charlestown in the '90s
    Zilog Z80 and Motorola 68000 hey? Standard good stuff back then… G'day from Australia

  32. This is a thing of beauty.
    Know that you put a big, stupid smile on at least ONE face today – ☝😁👍 MINE! ☝😁👌
    (no small accomplishment these days!)

  33. I am so glad I found this video! One of my strongest arcade memories as a kid was playing this game with five friends on my brother's 10th birthday. We beat it twice in a row and then all of a sudden the screen went dead and we all just high-tailed it out of there before we got in trouble! To this day, I'd love to know if we somehow overloaded it or what.

  34. HELP *

    I'm looking to buy VINTAGE coin Acceptor.
    What kind of power supply do Vintage coin Acceptor use???

  35. My local arcade had a 6-player version. I don't remember many people playing it though especially when Mortal Kombat hit the scene.

  36. Your team should be commended. I'd love to have one of these featured in my gameroom. Great job guys!

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