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5 Video Game Secrets That Took YEARS TO DISCOVER

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HARD TO DISCOVER EASTER EGGS IN VIDEO GAMES. There is nothing quite like finding a secret created by a professional in the video game industry. It makes us want to belt out “We are the Champions” at the top of our lungs.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 video game Easter eggs so well hidden they took YEARS to find.

What was an Easter egg which took you years to find?
Are there any secrets you think are still hidden from the world you’d like to share?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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As a gamer, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating in life as searching for hidden secrets and easter eggs in some of your favorite video game franchises. It feels like you’ve accomplished something great when you make these discoveries put in place by professionals who love to stump people.

The first Easter egg came in 1979 with the game Adventure for Atari and while it was the original, it certainly wasn’t the last. It became a popular phenomenon to put these in place so players would get to have little puzzles to figure out and solve. It was originally used as a way to give game developers credit as most companies didn’t have their name anywhere even though they were the one who created the game from nothing. Warren Robinett completely changed the industry without even knowing what he had started.

Sometimes, the Easter eggs were just strange or side projects like in GoldenEye where an entire emulator with 10 working games was put in place. No one found them for 15 years even though the game was extremely popular. The initials of the Donkey Kong designer were another forgotten treasure locked away for over 20 years until a coder finally discovered the mystery.

Then, there were games where secret rooms were created in your honor and neither you or any other gamer really had access to it unless you stumbled upon it completely by accident as could be done for the Chris Houlihan room in the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

There are still so many Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered, but for now, we’re going to check out 10 video game Easter eggs so well hidden they took years to find!


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  1. What about the joy of creation basement number code.

  2. For the record: the Chris Houlihan room did NOT take years to discover. It was common knowledge (and printed in game magazines) within months of the game's release.

  3. It was that this moment that he knew he fricked up

  4. REAL 80’s kids know how to CORRECTLY pronounce The Wuzzles.

  5. the epic oneliners (among otherthings) from Halo went missing when 343 took over

  6. Roses are red
    Violets aren't blue
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you too

  7. I came for Mario and I didn't get it 👎

  8. Where is the Mario secret, yea the one on the thumbnail

  9. the halo 3 skull didn't take years we all knew about it from the one in halo 2 even and that one was probably harder to unlock

  10. Imagine taking credit for things known years ago haha I known about all that on Mike tyson punch out since the 80s and 90s😂😂😂

  11. Literally the Scotty Kilmer of gaming…

  12. In the Amiga Game Apidya is in Level 4.2 a hidden bonus stage, 'Speed of Light'. It was discovered 17 years after the release of the game.

  13. Does Marios game has another secret? Under world 1-1 was act 1-2? (I'm just thinking)

  14. I found the Zelda Easter egg my first time playing through it. I thought everyone found it, never thought it was an Easter egg

  15. Why does this vid have so many dislikes???

  16. Make a part 2 and include the discovery of Luigi in SM64


  18. I hope theres a cod zombies reference cuz it's the king of easter eggs

  19. i knew about the Chris houlihan room since i was a child way before youtube … i dont fully agree with how some if these were discovered ..

  20. i just clicked because i knew there was nothing in that pit from the original mario bros and just wanted to know what things are talked about

  21. I hate to dislike but the thumbnail is misleading.

  22. Woah! I didn’t know that the void in world 1-1 took years to find!

  23. Did temmie village from undertale take years to find?

  24. The 1st done flamingo can be knocked out by the alternation of a,b,a,b,a,b,a,b,a,b

  25. There is another thing that I found. I found away of hitting all of the main characters on their move. All you have to wait is for them to throw their move as they come in close with the special charged punch and instant KO..

  26. Dude what? Lolol that punch out one is crazy, it’s like they knew we would see that but not know we would see that

  27. I remember that when I was a kid, I used to to trigger a glitch for the game Star Wars for Sega Master System that gives you infinite health for the rest of the game. Now I've searched all that I could on internet, but I could not find anything about it, so im might be something unknown. I still konw how to do it, and I have just confirmed that it still works by playing it on an emulator. Does that count?

  28. The thing about Chris Houlihan is he was never announced the winner in any Nintendo Power magazine. It remains a big mystery, how does anyone know he won without an actual announcement?

  29. This is terrible. These are things 8 year Olds talked about at school in the 1990s.

  30. My favorite game secret is in super Mario bros. In level 1-2 you go all the way to the end where the final tube is BEFORE THE 3 TUBE WARP get on the tube and break the ceiling away all accept the piece touching the tallest part of the tube. You go to the end of the tube facing left and jump backwards towards the last piece of ceiling not to hit it from the bottom but to kind of go through it with your body the game will glitch and you will travel through the wall to the 3 TUBE WARP if you go down one of the tubes before the words WARP zone appear you will go to level -1 it is a swimming level and it just never ends it just keeps going on and on

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