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5 Arcade Hacks You Need To Know To Win Big Tickets!

Arcade Matt
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I give top 5 arcade hacks to help you win more tickets and jackpots at the arcade! I also show how to win the 5 must play arcade ticket games for huge jackpots, and my tips and tricks to beat them! These games are 100% skill and the jackpot can be won in theory every time with practice to get unlimited tickets. I also show common mistakes people make playing arcade games and how to fix them to win big tickets more!

Filmed at Scene 75 arcade


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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning money, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show how to win. If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!


5 Arcade Hacks You Need To Know To Win Big Tickets!

Arcade Matt

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  1. Great tips! Let's see those jackpots, everyone!

  2. Good tips I just wish these game where in my arcade

  3. Arcade matt you do lovely videos at the arcade and arcade matt you do lovely live streams at the arcade and arcade matt i love you

  4. Great roundup video. Will definitely take this into account if I see any of those games at any arcade I visit!

  5. How are you still allowed because of you-know-what

  6. Only legit hack video on YouTube. Matt is a stand up guy. Eight year old me applauds you bud.

  7. LucasEpicYouTubeChannelFullOfFunTimesAndHeyJarrenX says:

    Are you a cow???

  8. ZepisGuides looks like the only working website from which you can gain free gems, coins, points or whatever.

  9. I hate when the ball drop setting makes you get those 5-buckets. The one near me requires 2 five-buckets. Wack.

  10. I like this guy cause he’s not like, “YoU cAn TuRn AuTo WiNnInG oN” he actually shows skills.

  11. u are good bro and by the way awesome tips it works
    it is cool

  12. It’s amazing how nonchalant he can hit a jackpot

  13. My guy be screaming like if he owns the place

  14. 8:37 Second try?
    He even talked about 3 tries right after lol

  15. At our arcade the jackpot on the tower of tickets always gets stuck so after it’s done counting your tickets it try’s to put it on the tray but can’t so if you swipe your card and press the button before it falls off you get another bonus

  16. Another skill game that’s extremely underrated is Flying/Floppy Tickets. It may just be me but every time I go to Dave and Busters it’s at the lowest score to beat. I hit 500 4 times a row almost every time!

  17. i do something like that on pop the lock but i go on my knees and strike the button with my 1 hand

  18. i hate tower of tickets zombie snatcher is my go to

  19. How much tickets was your record of getting tickets?

  20. Did Matt Rent Out The Arcade For A Day Because I See No Other People. Anyone Else Notice That?

  21. 0:10 Matt: I'm going to give you HACKS to improve your chances of winning at the arcade! Probably some employees in a side room: o_O

  22. For the 3rd game I usually wait until I see it then I just smack the button lol

  23. I mastered Quik Drop because of this video. Thanks for the tips!

  24. So you doing this at the 50-50 arcade

  25. Practice makes perfect correction practice makes progress

  26. To get the bonus on the gears one all you have to do is stop it at the 20 after the hundred

  27. Another tip for the quick drop game: if you can’t tap the button very fast w one hand, use both of your pointer fingers in an alternating pattern. For example, when dropping 4 balls in into each bucket, I would tap w my right finger, then my left finger, then right again, then left again, all in quick succession. The only thing challenging about this is making sure when you tap with the other finger, that the first finger quickly releases the button before the other one hits it, otherwise you’ll get less inputs and less balls dropped. If you can tap really fast with both hands, then you can higher balls per bucket more consistently. I’ve managed to get 7 balls in a bucket once with this method and have won multiple jackpots with it, one of them being as low as 635.

  28. IDK why, but at my D&B, they have Quik Drop set to the hardest possible way of winning. When the jackpot resets, instead of doing the typical 2 buckets of 5, you have to do ALL buckets of 5 to win it!

  29. I got 49/50 3 times on quick drop lmao, maybe one day I’ll get it down.

  30. so we're gonna ignore the fact that he is the only one in d&b

  31. Wish he showed up what he gets or does with all the tickets he gets lol

  32. Also, for the lock pick one, wear earphones with music so the speeding music doesn't freak you out

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