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#43 JUNK Arcade Video Games & Pinball Machines Destroyed! TNT Amusements

TNT Amusements Inc
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Some arcade machines we get in are NOT good enough to sell to the public and back with our 5 year service plan. These are rusty, rotted, fire damaged, “piss soaked” machines beyond redemption!
We have donated some 300 machines to non-profit organizations over the years, but also “parted” out hundreds of games also–because they were NOT good enough to retail. Think of us simply Parting Out some games here! This footage filmed from two different angles in High Definition, was to be used in a new infomercial we have not yet finished. This will eventually get trimmed down to 90 seconds. Back in 2001, we original tossed a Black Knight and a Ms Pacman from the same roof that were not repairable. That footage can be seen in Part 8 of the Infomercial currently up on YouTube!
Don’t email me with hysterics…instead email Columbia Pictures to why they destroyed 60 pinball machines when they made Tommy in 1976! Or watch the “Human Wrecking Balls” TV show and watch them destroy a complete arcade with classic working games instead of the junk I smashed!!


  1. In another video he said they took all the good parts out and replaced them with broken ones that are too gone to be fixed to make people think they're wasting these machines. The last action hero was owned by someone with 9 cats without the glass on the table so the cats peed all over inside the table ruining everything.

  2. And I here struggling to get pieces to make my pinball 🙁
    They could have donated it to me.

  3. Pinball table legs and lockdown bars could have been used for VR controllers.

  4. They had 5 people work very hard to launch that last heavy pinball machine only for it to barley break 🙁

  5. 2021 8) "We're not done yet, we have to throw the roof off the roof… along with a row of BAGS!" woOOOOauw! xD

  6. That Street Fighter tried to fight the street below… the street won

  7. This video brought to you by M.A.D.D. – mothers against double dragon. Saving kids from video games one machine at a time.

  8. very sad! no film studios wanted to buy those to repaint and have as a arcade set in a movie?? even if they dont function

  9. the creators of these games will never forgive you

  10. Why Not just sell them? and have they ever heard of ebay?

  11. Wow! That sucks you destroy a Omega race. I've had a hard time trying to find that game. You should at least sold it for parts somebody could have wanted it. 👎

  12. After reading the description, I understand why mame excist.

  13. It is stupid , also It them are in poor condition them are old

  14. If this were Toontown, I'd be like "Warning: Falling arcade machines!"

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