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4 upcoming NFT games with huge potential (launching SOON)

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There’s a ton of NFT games launching in the coming weeks and months. In this video I take a look at 4 that I’m personally buying into.

You can tell that something has changed in the NFT market. Game-related NFTs (Axie Infinity, Illuvium, Wolf Game, Aurory etc) are becoming a bigger deal and many of these projects that have been in development are finally coming to market.

But whenever a big trend like this is discovered, we usually see a wave of low-effort copycats and rugpulls – you need to be careful. Check out the frameworks I use during this video and apply them to other games in the market.

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0:00 start here
1:17 my filter for games
2:33 game #1
5:49 game #2
7:26 game #3
9:28 game #4
12:59 the next class of AAA NFT games


  1. Hey! As a newish subscriber here – just wanted to say I appreciate your vids!! And… nice art display in the background there! I’m guessing that’s a new digital frame displaying your NFT? Cheers

  2. I want in on Voxies, really back the idea and the team. But have I missed the boat on the floor price now?

  3. Hey Gian, I was looking at this project start but still don't know if it's worth of buying it could you look and say your opinion it's a castle kid nft

  4. What is the difference between a NFT Game item and a CSGO skin?

  5. This is my favorite nft channel. Keep up the great work!

  6. Excellent vidéo, as always 👍

  7. "From the guys who brought you Sandbox" lol as if Sandbox is even actually a game you can or would want to play. IDK how you can feel good shilling projects that are funding themselves off presales with little to no proven gameplay.

  8. If the voxie is 0.55 Eth.. What is the gas fee? Roughly?

  9. should i mint the billionaires dog club nft , iam in the white list but i am not sure of minting it and i am not able to find it on the rarity.tools too so i need some help here?

  10. You been always so negative about gala game. Now you look like a looser.

  11. Gala Games! Zynga CEO, team that delivers, 24/7 support, awesome discord community… If you can afford, can go passive with founder node…

  12. I'm waiting for that new video about VeVe 😅 …. Sometimes it's good to do a little bit more research on what you talking about isn't it….😅😉

  13. this man got a stacked toad on his wall 🤣 were they that profitable?

  14. Have you looked at Riot Racers or the Red Village? I think Aurory looks good, but the staking for 160% APR you have to lock your tokens for 6 months. Unlocked staking is only 30%.

  15. your content is very watchable. Thanks for leaving out all the fluff that i have to skip through on other channels and sharing valuable information.

  16. Surprised Rengoku wasn't on here. Even getting on the whitelist was fun.

  17. Man you are on a rampage!! Can't say no to your analysis. Top notch !

  18. Great vid and insights, what are your thoughts on Sidus?

  19. Being widely accepted of the metaverse genre in the crypto world. I seriously think that we can not ignore a superpotential project named ZOMBIE WORLD Z. I found it, and many people believe that at least it will x200.
    On December 15th, 2021, it will be IDO.

  20. nft games are now gradually becoming a trend. With the adaptation of Metaverse, Zombie World Z will surely become one of the top games soon, brothers and sisters.

  21. NFTs and the metaverse are blowing up. Rave bunnies in on my top radar.

  22. only Gernal knwoledge technical channnel says:

    content is excellent

  23. Metroverse sounds interesting. I also love Rave bunnies cause they are building a virtual festival metaverse.

  24. You are not talking about GALAXY PANDA NFT !! you out

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