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4 hours of video game opinions occasionally broken up by sitcom laughter and my pc crashing

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  1. Quite literally 20 seconds ago, I finished it up on the Twitch VOD lol, atleast this one is in one whole piece lol

  2. This video was made in 2021, Do not make fun of her, she is baby

  3. I'm still addicted to rift Apart
    It's so fuckin good

  4. i've never felt so validated as i felt after seeing penny put TLOUp2 in the S category

  5. that thumbnail art is so cute i love it

  6. The more I hear Penny talk about Endwalker the more I need to see her finish Nier Automata

  7. hearing penny so abashedly talk about how much she loves kingdom hearts at 2:40:02 gives me the biggest smile on my face after watching the entire playthrough 🙂 can’t wait for more

  8. I do like how there was a nice time of talk dedicated to discussing NieR, which wasn't on the list because it wasn't trully finished and that sucks.
    NieR:A is one of my favorite games of all time, I broke down into tears at its true ending, but even I think Playthrough B kinda sucks. I Love 9S, probably my favorite character ever, but playing as him in what is just the same game that adds nothing until the end of it, and even then its just minor story chunks compared to the almost new game of playthrough C, sucked. My Playstation crashed TWICE at around the end of Playthough B and I speedran it just to get it over with.
    Honestly, the whole thing is a test of patience. Even without the crashes, finishing Playthrough B felt rewarding simply because I got to experience the true intent of the game, and it was 100% worth it for me. I hope you can find the time to fully run though it.

  9. I can't believe 2021 was when the entire Halo and Ratchet series came out.

  10. ok i wasn't here for the laugh track part but goddamn does that video HATE her.

  11. I'm glad Penny also thought the initial reaction to Guardians was waaaaay overblown.

  12. Ive only gotten to returnal, but as someone who loves dread, I just hope the discussion will be respectful, both from you (which I trust you to be honestly) and chat understanding your perspective.
    I love the game, as I love the genre and it's one of the best of its genre and was a blast all the time. But get it isn't for everyone. But I hope that people who dislike it consider it bad and moreso just, not for them ya know? It's a miracle this game exists and I think it has a lot of good and great qualities. But even as someone who loves it, it is flawed! I still consider hollow Knight better than it as that is just the masterclass of its genre

  13. Seeing ratchet and clank rift apart in S tier makes me physically unwell.

  14. This is actually something that I do for myself every year and I love seeing other people rank the games they play in a year. I've been keeping track of mine for the last, like, six years, usually post about my top 5 at the end. Last year I realized that I could actually replay five #1 games and rank those too. So like when I'm 50 I'll be able to say what my definitive favorite game ever is and that's kind of exciting!

  15. HI THERE FUZZBALL was what put Rachet and clank 1 in s tier. 🤣

  16. Glad to experience the curse of laughter once again

  17. The creator of "it takes two" being happy is great, especially since he seems like a cool guy…but yeah that doesn't mean the game itself deserves it. It ironically feels like a Oscar snub where there are atleast three great games WAY more deserving over a game that's just good.

  18. I'm swinging by prematurely before watching the video to say PENNY OH MY GOSH YOU LOOK SO CUTE THAT ART IS SO CHARMING AND ADORABLE!!!

  19. I am shocked at your ranking for ODST, Its my favorite video game. I understand not like the non changing environment but the atmosphere and story is so fuckin good i just don't understand. Being able to play as a non spartan in the universe of halo is awesome. frankly I'm glad you didn't play it on stream now, I probably would had gotten pissed but thats just a me thing. I'm just surprised

  20. When penny was explaining what happened with the laugh track, my drawing program glitched out. It truly is cursed

  21. God what I'd do for time stamps for the various games… glad to hear I'm not the only one who was kind of annoyed by Starlord in GotG

  22. If penny plays prey again I hope she streams it because I loved the randomizer stream she did a while back

  23. While she was talking about the crash YouTube froze for me for like 5 minutes

  24. Streamer in a toxic relationship with a laugh track

  25. The only character I liked in GOTG out of the Main Crew is Groot. I get that the sniping and squabbling serves a narrative purpose, but it was absolutely grating and sucked the fun out of the game for me. They need to get therapy or stop working together.

  26. There was another games released besides Endwalker????? What.

  27. What do you think about the doom games?

  28. I just realized that Penny didn't have NEO TWEWY on here. I remember she said she was playing through it and was enjoying it. I'm guessing she didn't finish it and didn't want to rank it?

    Which fair, I guess.

  29. I'm still bitter that she skipped Atlantica just cause.

  30. Going Commando casually being the funniest R&C game and having the best gameplay to this day….bottom A tier. That's like the one wrong opinion you can have about the R&C games.

  31. I really wish you could/would give ODST another chance because it truly is amazing and there’s a lot of subtlety I feel was sadly missed bc of the conditions by which you experienced it

  32. i am just in love with all your new thumbnail art! the depictions of you are so cute, soft, happy, and accurate

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