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#238 Cinematronics Laser Disc SPACE ACE animated Arcade Video Game! TNT Amusements

TNT Amusements Inc
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Todd Tuckey shows you a 1983 Laser Disc Arcade Game SPACE ACE animated by Disney animator Don Bluth. Game looks terrific and features great stereo sound and theater quality animation!


  1. I love your videos!  Great to learn how a lot of these "innards" work.  6:58 made me lol… SO MUCH INSUBORDINATION FROM YOUR EMPLOYEES (haha)

  2. If I ever win the PowerBall or Mega Millions–this is one machine I would buy in a heartbeat. Talk about ahead of it's time.

  3. Todd, did you ever grt your hands on an Atari Space Ace, how much are they nowadays

  4. Todd, I was meaning an Atari-Space Ace

  5. @TNT Amusements Inc ~ wat's the screen size for this cabinet ?

  6. Hey guys, ever wanted to own a LIMITED EDITION HAND-PAINTED CEL of Ace and Kimberly from the ORIGINAL SPACE ACE game, signed by non other than DON BLUTH himself? Well, YOU CAN ON INDIEGOGO! The legendary DON BLUTH has an Indiegogo campaign right now and he's selling them as a perk. He's doing it to raise money for his new TRADITIONALLY ANIMATED movie. So, can you please help fund Don Bluth's new project on Indiegogo? Even $ 5 will get you something! Just know, YOU HAVE ONLY 5 HOURS LEFT TO DONATE! CAMPAIGN ENDS JANUARY 15, 2016, AT 3 AM, so get your SPACE ACE MERCHANDISE BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!

  7. this was part of my childhood! back when arcades were a thing, I could never get over Dexter saying "far out!", that was so hippie! 😀

  8. the harder choices also had more scenes to play

  9. Always wondered what happens if you put a movie laserdisc in these- does it just play?

  10. The kit came with a CP or only a CPO? You said CP, that means I should look for the original DL-CP at my vendors storage.

  11. did ever do a time traveler Sega in-depth look at it so I really would love to see the insides of the game. and how it did the Holograms.

  12. I love Don Bluth laserdisc games! I knew he did a bunch of movies but I just found out by watching the Land Before Time (on laserdisc) that he did that too.

  13. Do you guys have a Dragon's Lair or Space Ace machine you want to sell?

  14. Used to play this game in my local arcade back in the day. Now I have the HD version on my iPad.

  15. Is there a hardness level adjust for easier playing beginners?

  16. I LOVED this and Dragon's Lair. They were just impossible to play though! I always just wanted to watch the movie!!! haha

  17. I had about 20 mins memorized back in the day…such a cool game.

  18. OMG I just had weird freaky flashbacks when you played it! I could never get through the tunnels, it was SO hard to play, essentially a very complicated version of Simon Says that didn’t play you the tune first and you had to pay money for each guess, and then even when you knew what to do it would occasionally hiccup throwing your timing off! Frustrating as…

  19. does anyone know if these old laserdisc games that were made for arcade cabinets would be playable on a pioneer laseractive?

  20. Oh my God I love those games the one I was really good at was cliffhanger which I think was a take off of Lupin the Third but if you lost they actually used to show your guy swinging by the neck in a Gallows pretty brutal for the time

  21. The player in this machine is the Pioneer LD-V1000.

    It's a very reliable commercial-grade player with a HeNe gas tube laser.

    It's also unique in that, aside from the REJECT/OPEN and POWER controls, there's no way to operate the player without connecting it to a host computer.

  22. Thanks for the memories. Don Bluth actually sold old Space Ace laserdiscs through his fan club after the craze died down. I still have mine.

  23. Still waiting for my punch-out Todd what happened

  24. I know this is one of your much older uploads,but am just seeing it for first time, them constant cut screens on that game would and did drive me crazy, its no wonder them laser disc didn't work out in future game builds, liked the vid Todd, its kind of novel how far y'all have come in the industry since this video, shared with our community as well, Have a Great day and God bless

  25. Do you still get these in Todd? Both Space Ace and Dragon's Lair? I'm wondering if there's a way to convert these to like a solid state drive or something if the laser disc goes bottoms up.

  26. Did you actually control these games or are they really just a movie?

  27. I Remember me…. 1984…Its very hard to play the Game…. And Expensive…to play one Game…..
    Now I have the Game on Mega Sega CD…Dragons Lair 1 and Space Ace.
    Better than Nothing…..

  28. What would happen if you insert that disc into a conventional Laser Disc player?

  29. Very interesting. Have a nice day now.

    Very nice video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.

  30. There was this hyperactive kid in my old neighborhood when I was a kid. He was so fun in the arcades because he'd throw a big tantrum, start cussing so much they'd kick him out of the arcade. Dragons Lair was probably the one that drove him the most crazy.

  31. I had one of these in my dorm room at beale afb ca. I bought at the arcade in marysville for like $250. It broke down on me. I even went to the manufacture around san diego for a new player and they couldn't sell me one. This was about 7 years before the internet was invented. I ended up selling it for $50. now they're worth $5,000.

  32. I have never seen this in real life, awesome video respect for keeping these machine alive ! 😎


  34. Thank you for this fascinating behind the scenes look at the tech of the game.

    I remember playing this game at various arcades in NYC…..much harder to master than Dragons Lair which I did master all scenes/ challenges.

  35. The Sound Quality in these machines is "Out Of This World" 🤣 (But in all seriousness, it sounds very good)

  36. I don’t know about you, Todd, but in my opinion, Laserdisc is the most truly underrated home video format in existence, and something that was way ahead of it’s time!

  37. Great video. I wondered how it all worked and where the laser disk was. It is absolutely incredible that while computers had floppy disks and simple platformer games, there was an interactive video with high resolution.

  38. yeah that's nice…….. Don't grab the disk like that.

  39. I don't remember the blank screen between each little scene.

  40. How is it that laserdisc reads the different areas of the disc faster than a ps1

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