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2004 Namco Donkey Kong/ Jr. /Mario Bros. Nintendo Arcade Game! Classic re-release!

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This is Namco’s Nintendo arcade game released in 2004, it had Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Mario Bros. all in the same cabinet. Cool artwork, check out the video! See all our games for sale at !


  1. pacthesir - The Random Video Channel says:

    does Namco still sell the game boards?

  2. The fireball is in Mario Bros, but they just appear out of thin air if you take too long to finish a level. They didn't put in Donkey Kong 3, which some people just don't like, but I like the Galaga type feel it has.

  3. I saw this at circus circus in the adventuredome and a pac-man one 1981 class!

  4. 17:54 then y is ur channel joes classic… joe fits in 3 letters?? who the hell is ron??

  5. I remembered that I played that machine like when I was a little boy at the puerto rican airport like 8 years ago. Such great memories…

  6. very nice game unfortunately your horrible at all 3 of them just kidding

  7. I remember seeing this at Dave n Busters. I played on this arcade more than the other ones.

  8. Oh wow compared to both the arcade cabinet of Mario & Super Mario Bros video I saw, this is a cool bad-ass arcade cabinet & my next arcade game cabinet I want to have in my home. I love everything on the cabinet. The art design on both sides, the art on the bezel front, and the games they have in the cabinet. They did a hell of a good job on this thing and was wondering I know you sold 1 already but will you have another one of these very soon Joe?

  9. it's a Namcot or Nintendo Arcade ?

  10. Can you please help me. I have this model and I love it. The picture doesn't come up but the game still plays. How do I get back the graphics? Thank you for your help.

  11. I want an original MARIO BROS arcade cabinet…that was actually made in 1983!!

  12. My local bowling alley used to have this. But they replaced every game in the arcade for games that give you points that could use to get prizes from the front desk.
    Thankfully. My nearest Dave & Busters has this!

  13. You said "orientated" like 100 times, you mean oriented

  14. This cab has really good run/walk sounds with Donkey Kong. Seen this cab in an airport once. Great cab 👍

  15. You should show what the wiring looks like with this cabinet

  16. I played donkey Kong,donkey Kong jr and mario bros on the nes and they sound and looks similar to the arcade versions

  17. the scooby doo show by the scooby lover says:

    Man imagine one of these arcade machines with donkey kong donkey kong jr and mario bros in it but not olny does it have those games in it but the segasonic the hedgehog games two that would be so ghosh dang random but also sweet at the same time also # sonic the hedgehog and super mario bros together forever and no longer enemys with each other also they rebel against thier game companies sega and nintendo

  18. Isn't mario bros horizontal and DK/DKjr vertical?

  19. I got mine at a action 6 months ago!!! All original with the crt! I love this cabinet play it all the time

  20. 12:08 reminds me of the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt game select screen.

  21. Lalaina the Pokémon and Animal Crossing Lover says:

    I Like Arcade Games, My Favorite Is Donkey Kong, I Never Went To An Arcade Before, But There's No Arcade Around Here

  22. Is there a rom for mame of these game if it is plis give me the link

  23. Wait! Still no Radar Scope or Donkey Kong 3 in Combo Pack?

  24. Wow I never knew that Nintendo had a collaboration with namco nice

  25. Kind of reminds me of the multi game cabinet that Nintendo had in the late 80s

  26. Nice Ron excellent re release of those great nostalgic classics

  27. This video was released the same day as my 22nd birthday in 2016 I played this 3 in one arcade at the bogarts bowling alley in apple valley Minnesota back in 2013 it’s a really awesome arcade game ever

  28. I think I played this arcade that was in Dave & Busters

  29. Donkey Kong 3:Am I a joke to you?
    Donkey Kong,Donkey Kong Jr & Mario Bros:Yes

  30. Can you do the donkey Kong and burger time arcade please

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