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20 Underrated ARCADE Games from the 80s and 90s

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My home away from home. Anytime I was anywhere on vacation or even just stores around town, always wanted to know arcade games they had. Here’s a list of some of my favorites over the year.

Arcade Games Featured:

G.I. Joe
Blue Print
Cowboys of Moo Mesa
Crime Fighters
Congo Bongo
Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
Roc’n Rope
Mr. Do’s Wild Ride
Devil World
The Real Ghostbusters
Jungle Hunt / Jungle King
Missing in Action (M.I.A.)
WWF WrestleFest
Crystal Castles

Games Featured in the Opening:
Dragon Breed
Bag Man
Haunted Castle
Kickle Cubical
Domino Man

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  1. I miss how you could play arcade games at every convenience store. Used to go play Street Fighter 2 at the 7-11 after school every day!

  2. COW boys of Moo Mesa is Funny with the gameplay checked it out on my Pandora Arcade Box it’s definitely almost like sunset riders except it’s Cows not Cowboys!

  3. Wonder if 1up arcade will release these in the midget cabinets like they did TMNT

  4. Timber was a gem of a game at my local bowling alley.

  5. I had Jungle Hunt for Atari back in the day.

  6. The most quarters I poured into an arcade cabinet was Toki. It wasn't THAT great of a game, but it was at Round Table Pizza, the graphics bedazzled me and I was a bored kid, so there ya go. I also played a bit of Pit Fighter, Off Road, and Pac-Man, so they had some other good cabinets there.

  7. Thanks for a great list of games I've never played before! My favourite is definetely Cowboys of Moo Mesa, absolutely love it!!!

  8. Mad planets
    Space dual
    Major havoc
    Rainbow island

  9. Kangaroo was one of my favorite games on 2600. I found all, but 4 of these titles, including the intro games, preloaded on my Retroid 2!

  10. Awesome video! Oh the memories… many of these are on my list as well.

  11. I had both Kangaroo and Congo Bongo on my 5200. Loved kangy, hated bongo. One of the most glitched games I ever played. Both were better in arcade of course.

  12. Qix is a lot of fun. I've not played the arcade version, but I'm sure it's good. Try the Gameboy version if you are able to do so.

  13. I was impressed that you had Kangaroo in here. I loved that game. I haven't played it since the 80's. I wish an arcade system would put it on a greatest hits package. The Mr. Do games were all good and Rock N Rope is killer. I love playing it on playstation. I don't know why they don't put more of the classics on systems. I guess those who would want these games are too old for it to market well. How about getting Star Castle in a video.

  14. Thanks for the great vid. Me I miss playing tutankham and Arabian in the arcade back in the day.

  15. enough fuel to last us a week"

    Jesus, with that fuel efficiency they could probably launch their entire city to the moon

  16. Actually, there's 3rd version of Jungle King called Pirate Pete. Same game but retouched sprites to match pirate references.

  17. Blueprint was an early game from Tim and Chris Stamper who went on to become the founders of Rare (Goldeneye, Donkey Kong Country etc..). Before that they were Ultimate, who are probably most recognised as a top UK home computer developer of the early 80's.

  18. I just bought the WWF Wrestlefest cabinet off of Craigslist and we love it, brings back a lot of memories

  19. Crazy climber and turbo are probably my favorite obscure cabinets.

  20. Hard to consider Crystal Castles as “overrated” as it was one of my favorite arcade games of all time. Definitely the standout game on this list, IMO.

  21. Vendetta (Crime Fighters 2) by Konami 1991 is the greatest Beat 'em up of all-time & I've played them all. It is streets ahead of the original 1989 game & easily as good if not better than all the other classic Beat 'em ups of the 80's & 90's. Please give it a try.

  22. My childhood dog was named Montana after Moo Montana… Loved Cowboys of the Moo-mesa… 😁

  23. there was an arcade game i only found once – it was between 1979-1981 where you were in a maze with tanks and you had to collect colored keys to open locks to go on to the next level where another lock and key was added — i really would love to know the name of that game.

  24. Circle k was my spot they changed games about once a month

  25. Good lord. Willow was the reason I went to the laundry mat with my grandma 🤣🤣

    Its soooooo good.

  26. Cool video. I have played a few of the games on your list, but thank you so much for including A.P.B. I used to love playing that game, it had a unique feel to it.

  27. My Quartet 2 pcb isn't working right 🙁 love the music

  28. I'm trying to get the old vector star wars series to work on retroarch. But can't seem to. Any help would be great.

  29. I use to loooove The Real Ghostbusters arcade machine at my local Bullwinkles. So happy you mentioned it!

  30. No Avengers by data east!?! All time favorite. Nice vid.

  31. A lot of kids nowadays would rather play games on modern consoles like ps5 or xbox..and they don't appreciate old arcade games…a lot of old games, even though the graphics aren't as good as those of ps5..but they're very fun to play. too bad.

  32. Smoking was allowed those were simple at times. Everybody sensitive these days.

  33. One thing younger folks will never understand is how gritty a lot of arcades were. You could buy alcohol in some states at 18 until 1984 and they didn't even enforce that. Arcades were filled with cigarette smoke and drunk teenagers. Being in a busy arcade at night at 8 or 10 years old felt so awesome (and maybe a little scary, I was from the suburbs).

  34. Of all my favorite games to play, I play more arcade games on mame than anything else. I love the 10-20 minute pick up and play style that you don't have to invest any real time in

  35. John, were you ever a radio dj? You have the perfect voice for it

  36. @John Riggs Really cool video John! Some of these Arcade games I never really heard of! ( And I think I'm around your Age.) Some of my favorites are Discs of Tron, T2, RoboCop, CyberSled, and Tournament Cyberball 2072. It's Robot football and the ball is a Bomb!

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