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20 Must Have Arcade Games

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If you grew up during the mid 80’s and early 90’s, then you know about the legendary past time known affectionately as the arcade. Those times have long past but many of the titles that graced these large monuments of gaming greatness can now be played on several different platforms.

In this latest video, I go over 20 arcade games that I believe you must play or add to your collection giving you some small details about each title.

Team Sp00ky Hey Taito Footage:


  1. #20 – Knights Of The Round#19 – Donkey Kong#18 – Pac Man#17 – Super Street Fighter II Turbo#16 – The Simpsons Arcade Game#15 – OutRun#14 – TMNT The Arcade Game#13 – Rolling Thunder#12 – NBA Jam: TE#11 – Defender#10 – Super Sprint#9 – Final Fight#8 – Samurai Shodown 5 Special#7 – Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3#6 – Super Dodge Ball#5 – Afterburner II#4 – Metal Slug#3 – Boogie Wings#2 – WWF Superstars#1 – KOF '98

  2. I still don't get why you don't have more subscribers. Philistines.

  3. I can't disagree with any of your choices, man, and it's great that you covered such a large time-span of arcade games. Good work.

  4. Great video, any chance of putting the list in the description?

  5. alien vs predator by capcom is probably my favorite beat'em up

  6. Great video and very informative 🙂
    got my sub

  7. nice vid, boogie wings catch me eye from your list, haven't seen that one! I will check it out!

    Regarding the question at end of your vid ill leave a short list in no particular order of games I think ppl must have:

    Battle circuit
    Cadillacs and dinosaurs
    Demon front
    Killer instinct 1 and 2
    Marvel Super heroes vs street fighter
    Marvel Vs capcom 1 and 2
    New zero Team
    Sengoku 1 and 2
    Street Fighter III (all 3 of them, new generation, second impact and third strike, best looking SF in my opinion)
    Gun bird 1 and 2
    Capcom sports club
    Vampire savior 2

    Could go with a huge list of great games but those are some of my favorites, I am still trying to get my arcade game list down since I don't like to endlessly scroll on a list full of games I will never play, currently I am on 212 games, and Its getting quite hard to get rid of any at this point.

  8. If you guys want to check out some cool really old school arcade retro games then come over and check them out.

  9. The biggest issue with emulating arcade games (or even playing them via official compilations), is that, well, Arcade games took quarters. You're playing an emulation of it. You have an infinite number of non-existent virtual quarters. Meaning you have to limit yourself if you want there to be any challenge. I usually give myself 5 credits, and rely entirely on getting more throughout the game.

    The other thing, is that there's quite a few different methods of emulating arcade games, and most of them don't have a way of saving hi-scores. Yes, it's usually with a version of Mame or FBA, but there's various ways to go about it. Whether it's classic Mame, or a version of MameUI, some fancy frontend, Retroarch cores, whatever. But most of the time, unless you manage to find a very specific emulator that has hi-score saving, you're gonna be stuck writing down your scores. It kinda sucks, since arcade games are entirely about hi-scores.

  10. My must-play arcade games? I have trouble listing 'em like the video did, but I can name a few regardless.

    (in no particular order)

    #1 – Pro Gear. [One of my favorite arcade games. I'm not massively into side scrolling shooters, but this one is just really fun. Plus it has a steam-punk kinda vibe that you don't really get very often.]

    #2 – Cotton. [Similar to Pro Gear, it's one of the few sidescrolling shooters I can safely say I really enjoy.]

    #3 – TMNT 2 Turtles in Time. [While the original TMNT Arcade Game is great, Turtles in Time just took what the first one did, and made it even better. Both are great though.]

    #4 – X-Men. [Another super fun Beat em up, like the TMNT games and Simpsons. Simple as that.]

    #5 – Street Fighter Alpha 3. [Just a really fun version of Street Fighter. It's all the fun of Street Fighter 2, but with super attacks, a more anime-inspired cell-shaded art style, and more characters.]

    #6 – Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. [Probably my favorite Street Fighter overall. Super fluid animations, the parry system, and just a great feel overall. Sadly, I can't seem to get a version that works on my Retroarch.]

    #7 – Star Wars Arcade. [Love the game. It's a fun space shooter. Sadly, again, it's not easily emulated.]

    #8 – 1943. [My favorite of the 19xx games. Not really because it's the best one, it's probably not. But instead because of my nostalgia of playing the NES version a lot. Still, fun vertical shooter.]

    #9 – Simpsons Arcade. [Not much to say. It's a fun beat em up similar to X-men and TMNT.]

  11. Aliens (Konami)
    Aliens Vs Predator (Capcom)
    Breakers (SNK)
    Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (Capcom)
    Knights Of Valor ( IGS)
    The Punisher (Capcom)
    Spiderman : The Video Game (SEGA)
    Vendetta (Konami)
    X Men Arcade Game (Konami)
    X Men Children Of Atom (Capcom)

  12. i would add another game to the list super pang 2

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