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$20 Mini Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine – Basic Fun Arcade Classics #15 Review!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from links posted in my description & comments section. Basic Fun recently released #15 in their Arcade Classics line up of mini arcade machines. Sold exclusively at Wal-Mart these sell for $19.99 and can be kind of neat. This version definitely has improvements and some new things going on over the previous games in the collection. Its not perfect, but if you are a collector this mite be a nice addition to your collection!

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*There are affiliate links in this description.


  1. I have this for the rats in my basement.

  2. I have the Pac-Man one and I really want this one

  3. I seen this at Walmart and hell no. I knew it wasn't the arcade from the little demo that's shown. If they have root beer tapper I'd for sure get that.

  4. i don't remember any block buttons ever being in the middle

  5. Quiero ese arcade de mortal kombat

  6. It sounds like the Mega Drive version.

  7. Now all of you people down here in the comments go ahead and call me crazy, let me explain myself: Im thinking about buying two of these, on to keep stock, and one to turn into either a street fighter 2 cabinet, even making the cabinet look like the street fighter 2 cabinets do, or I might make it look like street fighter, but have other games on there to

  8. Its not the blood arcade version..
    Thas not cool…

  9. Its 1 on 1 until you get to the endurance matches

  10. Sir can you give that to me cause I want to experience old games plsss reply


  12. Wow! Besides the block buttons not being in the middle, it looks like the real thing! The art work on the sides are authentic. Thats what was on the original arcade when it was first released! Thats the color of the original as well! Brings back memories when I used to play. Its awesome and authentic!

  13. Did you use A B A C A B B for the blood code

  14. Mortal kombat 3 scorpion on a mk 1 cabinet……?

  15. As much as I loved the SEGA version back in the day … This needed the actual arcade version. This is garbage

  16. @Madlittlepixel: You wait for the screen with all the text on it, then quickly press ABACABB. It was on the Genesis anyway, it turns the blood on.

  17. No blood no buy. Mortal Kombat isn't Mortal Kombat without blood.

  18. They could have least done the sega cd version. This is garbage.

  19. I woukd swear this is a Sega Genesis version. One thing about this basic fun release. They use really crappy speakers. I'd love to fix that.

  20. What garbage product. So it's the censored Genesis version, but with all codes deactivated so that the blood can't be turned on, and the cabinet artwork is an image from MK3, not Johnny Cage, which was the original. Worst of all, apparently the back of the box shows screenshots of the arcade version, but that's not even the version that's here! 😆 In this day and age, the technology exists to make a fully functional port of the arcade version with no problems, but whoever put this thing together just didn't care. Boo!!!

  21. Lost all interest when this turned out to be a censored console port…

  22. Definitely the sega genesis version…..i wish it had link plug the street Fighter 2 cabinet have

  23. i got rampage but i want more and can't find any so i still have rampage

  24. The side stickers of a MK3U Scorpion and the marquee of the original MK game already raises red flags. Furthermore booting it up is the Sega Genesis port, not the arcade. Hot garbage LOL. Not good enough for any MK fan.

    I’m surprised this YouTuber doesn’t know this is the Genesis port. He looks old enough to be around it’s release during that era.

  25. This is the Sega Genesis version,and it sucks so bad !

  26. Was kind of interested until I found out it was a CENSORED Genesis version lol

  27. incase you were wondering this seems to be the nes version considering the lack of blood

  28. The idea of ​​the mini arcade is nice but the game is not the arcade version of the arcade … the graphics are different the sounds are different there is no blood and there is no presenter when you select the characters or when win or do fatalities and special effects and absent voices

  29. Mine glitches when i go to the option menu it starts moving by itself

  30. Awe man…the censored Genesis version, not cool. Now, I loved the Genesis version when it came out (ABACABBA or DULLARD) but in 2020/2021 they should have gone with at least the Sega CD version. Having to put in the code, limited voice work, and so many other issues this just doesn't make sense. Hell, they could have done the straight arcade ROM very easily.

  31. Its the snes home version cause they cut the blood out of that version

  32. I have tried both the cheat code and blood code over and over again and cannot get it to work. I tried on an actual Genesis and have zero issue doing the code. So not sure if its disabled?
    Mortal Kombat Arcade Classic Machine #15 Available Here: https://bit.ly/2YhT74i
    Other Mortal Kombat Machines and Collectibles available here: https://amzn.to/2GFeHF3
    Genesis Mini Amazon US Preorder: https://amzn.to/2HQQpd5
    Mega Drive Mini Amazon UK Preorder: https://amzn.to/2HPU0IF?
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