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20 Games That Defined Laserdisc Gaming

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20 Games That Defined Laserdisc Gaming

1983 Astron Belt (Sega)
1983 Cliff Hanger (Stern Electronics)
1983 M.A.C.H. 3 (Gottlieb/Mylstar)
1983 Cube Quest (Simutrek)
1983 Dragon’s Lair (Cinematronics/Advanced Microcomputer Systems)
1984 Firefox (Atari)
1984 Cobra Command (Data East)
1984 Badlands (Konami)
1984 Thayer’s Quest (aka Kingdom: The Far Reaches) (RDI Video Systems)
1984 Space Ace (Cinematronics/Advanced Microcomputer Systems)
1984 Ninja Hayate (aka Revenge of the Ninja) (Taito)
1985 Road Blaster (aka Road Avenger) (Data East)
1985 Time Gal (Taito)
1990 Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon (Namco)
1990 Mad Dog McCree (American Laser Games)
1991 Who Shot Johnny Rock? (American Laser Games)
1991 Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp (Leland Corporation)
1992 Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (American Laser Games)
1993 Crime Patrol (American Laser Games)
1994 The Last Bounty Hunter (American Laser Games)

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  1. How do you even make these bloody games? They're awesome, no doubt about it!!!

  2. This was the beginning of games of this type. Some of them looked like what the future of gaming would become. i.e. Sega CD, N64, Playstation, Dreamcast.

  3. Awesome, great job, I always look forward to the lists you put together, thanks!

  4. LaserDisc games seem to have a unique feel, a combination of 3rd-4th gen sprites and streamed backgrounds. I wonder why people don't make games in this style…

  5. So Laserdiscs were only used in FMV games? I was hoping for an actual videogame, like some kind of arcade cabinet that was designed to accept its videogames on laserdisc. I thought it might be interesting since fighting game developers working on games like Virtua Fighter or Tekken often employed a trick where, by filling the disc with garbage data, the desired data would be "pushed" outwards, to the edge of the disc, the part that's moving most quickly. This means the machine can access the data much more readily. Since Laserdisc was even larger, the speed at the rim of the disc would be even faster which could potentially mean significantly improved load times. I mean, this application is obsolete in this day and age but nonetheless, I find it an interesting thought.

  6. I remember what must have been a laserdisc arcade game where you flew a sub/spaceship through a city and shot things down !

  7. LaserDisc is a underrated game type that, back in the days it was being used, was a revolutionary step for gamers and game companies

  8. I would've said something about Bega's Battle, but it probably wouldn't count.

  9. I remember when these games first made their way into the arcades. There was nothing like them and they were mind blowing. You'd have groups of people standing around and watching. I dropped way too many quarters in a lot these. Some were not US releases or came at the end of the arcade era and the magic of laserdisc was already wearing off.

  10. Hmm. No mention of Time Traveler. The hologram game by sega

  11. These bring back some great memories. Loved Cube Quest and Astron Belt, as well as Dragon's Lair and Space Ace of course. Two of the ones not shown that I remember also are InterStellar Laser Fantasy and Star Rider, which were cool too.

  12. Where's Quarter Horse? That was the very first laserdisc game

  13. Galaxian3 is not a laser disc game. it's a polygon on-rails shooter like Starblade, project Dragoon and Attack of the Zolgear.

  14. Super Don Quix-ote looks really cool, too. Like every other Universal cabinet I have seen, the cab for that game is really colorful as well.

  15. Yeah I was looking for that very first title…astron belt.
    Remember playing this in an arcade as a kid and being blown away by the visuals…

  16. You forgot galaxy express aka escape from cyber city

  17. Galaxian 3 was my favorite laser disc game. It use to cost $2 at the California arcade. I was so sad when dave and buster closed that arcade game :(.

  18. Yes loved them games in the Arcade. Now I am using Daphne. But cant find a lot of the games. I am looking for Star Blazzers it was only released in Japan.

  19. Finally after 3 weeks I found some roms (: So excited. (: having trouble finding Time Gal ): if anyone know plz let me know where to find it (:

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