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1UP Arcade Cabinet Video Review – Street Fighter (2018)

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Relive those glory days of playing your favorite arcade game right inside your own home, without having the smell of day old cigarette smoke on your clothes from those dark and damp arcade game rooms of the past. These 1UP Arcade cabinets are slightly smaller versions of the real sized cabinets. That being said, the controls as well as the actual games themselves are the real thing. In other words, the games are the exact software ROM versions of the original arcade machines. in other words these games are not emulated versions, so rest assured.

In this video i show you how to assemble the Street Fighter version which comes with three Street Fighter games. The controls feel sturdy and the buttons have a very good tactile feel to them. I was also impressed at the quality of the 8-way joysticks which are nice with a solid feel, and use real switches. These joysticks are ideal for Street Fighter games.

When the game is switched on you are greeted with a menu where you can select your version of Street Fighter to play. The controls are also labelled very well and there is also a volume control switch where the level of sound can either be high, low or muted. The whole system itself is quite heavy so it is recommended that two people assemble it and move it into its desired position in the room. Being a heavy machine is also a very good feature because you need to have a stable and solid arcade game cabinet which does not shake around during game play – especially in Street Fighter where button control can get pretty physical in two player mode or when playing the computer.

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  1. Yeah this is great and I enjoyed your video and all the info. But I will go on ahead and say it..this machine would be great in an office or a setting that the focus is on other activities like work etc..something as a novelty. But I’m wanting to set up an arcade room/man cave and would prefer the larger/original size game even though there are risers available. I’m thankful for this company and this version. I don’t understand why companies do this..just make the normal size more available.

  2. Dude what is that big arcade machine you have is it mame

  3. Nice… thinking of getting one to recreate it to a tekken tag tournament cab.

  4. Great video 😀👍
    Getting my one tomorrow.

  5. Your kickboard (one with the titles on it) did not go all the way down. This is why the top logo is slightly cut off, and whey the control deck is not sitting flat. You'll may have to pull the bottom of the kickboard out, so it'll clear the cabinet sides and go down fully. Happened to both the cabinets I built (Atari 12-in-1, and Galaga).

  6. Fanbois gonna be mad you showed it's actual size. They seem to think it's much bigger than it really is.

  7. The controls are not like the original. They are cheap buttons and joysticks with ball tops and square gates. The original had competition Happ buttons and joysticks with bat tops and circle gates.

  8. Great review, what do you think about the riser that makes it taller?

  9. I don't really care for these arcade cabinets but the video and the presentation was done very well

  10. Don't forget to order your free protective plexiglass cover for the control panel before the end of March 2019. I got mine just a couple days ago, they really help protect the paint where your hands rest on the unit.

  11. Thanks for the video. Very informative. Just a small point of criticism, you might want to level the sounds levels a bit. The intro music is loud, you talking is a lot lower so I had to up the volume to understand what you were saying just to having the music blast way too loud again and at the 4:50 point the talking audio is way quiet only to go to full blast music again.
    But other than that once again thanks for the video, I'm still on the fence if I should get one or buy / make a big one like the one you also have in the room

  12. Ur the only one that really likes this thing to be honest .

    Walmart even made a comment that they are not selling these anymore after the holidays because quote they are tired of basically storing them in the back Warehouse why because people are returning them left and right.

    one day in Walmart they said they got over 75 machines back that were purchased less than 24 hours ago that 75 of them back no it to $300 I don't know what the hell this thing even cause I can't remember but that's a lot to get back in less than 24 hours yeah and I thought about buying the rampage one but after reading the reviews no thanks

  13. Oh did I mention this is plyboard by the way that cheap you know stuff that people by when they really don't have the money for good furniture like me they buy plyboard well plyboard can be good but however with this it's not even people consider glue in the damn thing together and it's still broke $300 bucks a lot of money pay for something like this it really.

    $50 I'd be all over it I'd get , but 300 no thanks

  14. Cheap crap. Garbage buttons and way too light weight. Look how it moves around when he actually plays it. Way overpriced.

  15. It’s $399 CDN at Walmart Canada, where did you get it for a couple hundred CDN from???

  16. Very good and informative video, very good job, thank you and God Bless

  17. give like if you are gay n fem but liked playing video games n arcades lol

  18. Mr Richie…how many watts how much electric bill?

  19. This is the best video I’ve seen on these.
    And I like this guy, good personality.

  20. i like your content you honest about your review .

  21. I remember this arcade machine when it first came out at the mall…Everyday at least 20 kids surrounding it. All the other arcade games never got anymore quarters lol

  22. I saw this vid a few years ago when I needed help with the build , this is a very good video, I have two 1ups – galaga and space invaders

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