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1988 Cabal (Arcade) Game Playthrough Video Game

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Cabal (カベール Kabēru) is a 1988 arcade video game originally developed by TAD Corporation and published in Japan by Taito Corporation and in North America and Europe by Fabtek.[1] In the game, the player controls a commando, viewed from behind, trying to destroy various enemy military bases.[2] The game was innovative for the era, but only a mild success in the arcades, and became better known for its various home conversions


  1. When the game advances he walks like he dumped a loaf in his drawers.

  2. Imagine this as a North Korea enemy take down rescue mission.

  3. I remember thinking how cool it was that you could shoot and destroy almost everything in the game. I don't think I'd ever seen anything like it before.

  4. What a weak game. The C64 version is tougher than this

  5. how can i install this game in anroid mobie now

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