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1987 Outrun Passing Breeze Arcade Old School Game Playthrough Retro Game

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00:00:05 Stage 1 Start
00:01:11 Stage 2 Check Point
00:02:14 Stage 3 Check Point
00:03:23 Stage 4 Check Point
00:04:33 Stage 5 Check Point
00:05:37 Finish

Out Run (アウト ラン Auto Ran?) is an arcade game released by Sega in 1986. It was designed by Yu Suzuki and developed by Sega AM2. The game was a critical and commercial success, becoming one of the best-selling video games of its time[5][6] and winning the Golden Joystick Award for Game of the Year.[6][7] It is notable for its innovative hardware (including a moving cabinet), pioneering graphics and music, innovative features such as offering the player choices in both soundtrack and non-linear routes, and its strong theme of luxury and relaxation. In retrospective interviews, Yu Suzuki has classified Out Run not as a racing game, but as a “driving” game.

Developer(s) Sega AM2
Publisher(s) Sega
Designer(s) Yu Suzuki
Composer(s) Hiroshi Kawaguchi
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s) Arcade

JP September 20, 1986
NA 1986[1]
EU 1986[2]

Master System

JP June 30, 1987[3]
NA 1987
EU 1987

Mega Drive/Genesis

JP August 9, 1991[4]
NA 1991
EU 1991

Genre(s) Arcade style racing
Mode(s) Single player
Cabinet Sit-down, upright
CPU (2x) 68000 (@ 12.5 MHz)
Sound CPU: Z80 (@ 4 MHz)
Chips: YM2151 (@ 4 MHz), Sega PCM (@ 15.625 kHz)
Display Raster, 320 × 224 (Horizontal) Palette Colors 12288 ————————————————————-visit us at:


  1. but i didnt met that dream blonde girl loool . wondering why we middle east people love blonde . i think cuz of this game 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  2. Cは車が詰まってる事が多くてクリアするまでに時間がかかった。

  3. To me; the greatest, coolest, enjoyable arcade car racing game ever created in video game history!
    I remember the first time I ever played this arcade game inside of John Italiano's pizza shop in the summer of "1987" growing up as a kid in Brooklyn!
    Believe it or not; it was cool to hang out with a crowd of neighborhood kids for 2 or 3 hours sometimes watching to see who could play the game the best for highest score or end the game!
    The awesome times, memories, culture and overall human condition of the 1980s!
    Barely could reach the steering wheel, with the gear stick and pedals!
    The absolute only game I would ever play anytime the few times I went to "Chuck E Cheese" or the arcades in Times Square(the real Times Square of the 1980s/1990s!
    Thank you so much for this nostalgic video game video upload!

  4. If this game were to have an HD sequel, I'd buy it

  5. Great game, so innovative for its time – visuals, sense of speed, branching routes, being able to choose your music, the music itself, the doppler effect…… I'm sure that I've left something out.

  6. I was three in Nea Makri Greece my dad would take me down there and I would play this game

  7. Hi @Media Pool , I'm wondering if I could use some material from this video for a video clip. It's going to be a mashup with this and some photo material in the background, if I'm able to cut it out nicely. It's a non-commercial project for an instrumental song I made, which is going to be seen on my Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Would be great!

  8. I live in Texarkana texas. Putt putt golf had this game among others in 1987. I played it alot.

  9. A great game with a great soundtrack. Passing Breeze is my favorite song of the 3. I always looked forward to listening to the soundtrack as well as trying to beat the game, during the early 90s this was a time when recording video game soundtrack was hard to come by. I wouldn't even know where to start with Arcade machines, now everything is emulated and easily obtainable and has been since a few years after the Internet came about.

    I remember playing this as a youngster at the family amusement centres. Sadly in Leicester as far as I know all of them closed down or at least removed their gaming machines leaving just their fruit machines. Though I'v not seen Outrun anywhere recently (The UK is a big place though), there are still a few gaming arcades around the coasts of the UK such as Bournemouth, Weymouth, Great Yarmouth, Etc.

    0:520:56 Crashed here many times

    1:11 Checkpoint XD

  10. Hi! We are an italian music band and we would like to use part of this gameplay for a music cut with original music, do you think it's possible?! Thanks, Luca.

  11. I got a chance to play this. It was unfourtunate that the pedal was broken since I really liked it.

  12. I remember finally beating this game – can't remember which ending. It was the deluxe sit-down version, and I was surrounded by other kids watching on. I wanted to see the end sequence, but immediately got up and walked calmly away, like it was no big deal. Like a boss, before that was a thing lol. Damn that music takes me back.

  13. Watching this whilst listening to "HOME – Resonance" is awesome.

  14. This is the only racing game I remember as a kid. While I have never reached any of the goals, I would be satisfied just passing the first checkpoint.

  15. Damn this brings back memories of playing this in arcades as a student nurse

  16. Come on Sony stop playing ond remake outrun 4 the ps5 you can't go 😑 rong

  17. They didn't have this game where a used to go in 1991.

  18. Este juego lo podía jugar horas

  19. In a world where 911 Turbos are as common as Ford Fiestas! Great game, great soundtrack!

  20. El mejor juego de esos tiempos, recuerdo con nostalgia…y vaya que logré llegar a varias metas

  21. A E S T H E T I C driving game basically

  22. 2:58 did they just mirror the car? (look at the horse logo) I cannot recall ever having seen this in the game 😀

  23. Our neighborhood arcade store was full of dope dealers and shit like that. My moms didn't want me in there but I decided to take ass whipping after ass whipping from her to play this game.

  24. Takes me back to my youth 😊… good old days.

  25. yeah, evolution memories: my wows most in beginning of the 80s
    1. 1972 pong single color
    2.1978 space invaders, monochrome ok its getting a bit cooler..
    2. 1979 galaxians RGB colors n smooth wow
    3. 1980 pac man fun like cartoonish wow
    4. 1981 donkey kong wow gravity, defender smooth wow
    5. 1982 pole position, pseudo 3d human voice prepare to qualify wow
    6. 1983 star wars 3d, + sampled voice again wow
    7. 1987 outrun..music wow
    8. 1993 doom fps a new thing wow
    9. 1996 quake fps with angle rotation wow
    10. 2001max payne..visuals wow well thats the 10 wows i remember

  26. Anyone else come here after meeting the inventors son on Clubhouse?

  27. 80s Video Game Soundtracks for the mf win! 🙌🏿

  28. Only game where you have a girlfriend in the game 🤣 feels a little like driving out to burning man

  29. 🇧🇷 Gastava muito $$$ no fliperama no final da década de 80 e início da 90.

  30. 1:55 That Porsche was right next to them, then just disappeared.

  31. The red cabrio car of "HORIZON CHASE TURBO SUMMER VIBES" is scene of this classic "OUTRUN", but inverting the positions of man – woman. This classic "OUTRUN" has {man driver – woman passenger}, but the red cabrio car "HORIZON CHASE TURBO SUMMER VIBES" has {woman driver – man passenger}.

  32. Sega was putting a lot of arcade cabinets out back then they had quite a few hit games then as well….

  33. I'll never forget the first time I saw the sit down version in Blackpool when I was a kid…blew my mind.

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