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1985 Nintendo Duck Hunt Arcade Game! Shoot the Dog! Gameplay, Cabinet Design, Artwork

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We’ve been working through a ton of Nintendo cabinets lately, this is Nintendo’s “Vs. Duck Hunt” arcade game that they released back in the day to the arcades… works great in really nice shape. See the artwork, gameplay and how bad I am at shooting! See all our other games for sale, right now, at !

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  1. Donkey Kong Mentions: 16Duck Hunt Mentions: 12

  2. Cool video! I just bought one of these and was wondering what these sell for? I got a crazy good deal on mine. The one I have is in good shape.

  3. Does the stick control the ducks like the 2nd player on the NES?

  4. What’s the joy stick and second a and b for?

  5. Didn’t even know duck hunt had a arcade version, very cool bro!

  6. Loving these games is something the new kids don't understand like i do and with arcades closing everywhere it will become a lost love of childhood gone!!!

  7. Why does everyone want to shoot me? I didn’t hurt them in any way!

  8. Is there a dip setting for how hard the game is

  9. Nice duck hunt arcade cabinet the gun reminds me of the gun used on lethal enforcers arcade cabinet 👍

  10. I had this game on the nes and I used to cheat by placing the light gun on the screen and shoot all the ducks down and get a perfect score lol good times

  11. Where the arcade and NES differ is that the arcade version only allows you to miss three or five ducks / clay pigeons depending on the dip switch setting and that is cumlative since the start of the game. The NES version requires you to get a certain number which starts at 6 ducks / pigeons per level of ten. The number needed to pass increases as the levels increase. The NES version also allows you to choose one duck, two ducks, or two clay pigeons. The arcade version alternates between two ducks and two clay pigeons. You can shoot the dog in the bonus round in the arcade version but not the NES (Ends your bonus round early if you shoot the dog).

  12. The gun looks pretty solid. It made of metal or plastic?

  13. I see Ali-Express has the 60 pin famicom version. Is this possible? I thought it was Arcade Unisystem that ran it? I think I can just play it with my Pi 400 and a mayflash/Wii gun and Mame. I did just get a sweet Famicom Konami gun though and the cart is cheap. I may get it just to see if I can use it on real hardware.

  14. So what this game would have started out life as is a Donkey Kong. It's obviously a Donkey Kong. That cool blue now. It could have been a Popeye or something like that. But there were a lot more Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 3, Popeye and Mario Bros. arcade cabinets somewhere. So I'm going to guess that it was a Donkey Kong. Now if anybody know for sure, but this was probably a Donkey Kong. But I believe it's a Donkey Kong. So it was a orginally a Donkey Kong, which is a safe bet. Anyways if you see a blue one, it was propbably a Donkey Kong and Popeye. So anyway, it started out as a Donkey Kong and a few years went by, Donkey Kong came out, I believe in 1981. And a few years went by, and it wasn't making as much money anyomre, so they converted it with this system, so Nintendo released this. They made a specific kit for their further Nintendo cabinets like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong 3, Popeye, Mario Bros. and R-Type where you, anybody, anyone could turn it into a Vs. System.

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