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1981 Atari Tempest Arcade Video Gameplay HD

Ed C.
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Gameplay of 1981 Atari Tempest Arcade. The game is a tube shooter, a type of shoot ’em up where the environment is fixed and viewed from a three-dimensional perspective.

It was fairly popular and had several ports and sequels. The game is also notable for being one of the first video games with a selectable level of difficulty (determined by the initial starting level).

CPU 6502
Sound POKEY x 2
Display Vertical orientation, Vector (color), size: 19 inch

Song played during the beginning of the video:
Snakadaktal – Are You Here (SITW B Side)


  1. I loved this game as a kid. I didn't realize that I was so young whilst popular. I could not remember the name, I had to Google "arcade with dial".

    Halt and Catch Fire led me here.

  2. i am in love with this game's visuals, specifically the way the player moves.

  3. Tenpest ain't bad. It's passable at best, same with the original Quake by id Software

  4. I'm 28 and Tempest has to be one of my top favorite 80's arcade games.

  5. 1UP in this game = Flashing lights

  6. This game is as old as me. Would love to have this one day.

  7. One of fave then asteroids then donkey kong……. Then rampage…
    Worst game to me was Q bert

  8. One of my all time favorite games. Tempest, Galaga, missile command and Battlezone.

  9. OOOhhh if I could have only one arcade game at my house it would be Tempest. Now for the kids – Its hard to understand the feeling this game gave when it came out.. for one thing you had to be like 11 or 12 years old. And.. only knew about the other games out there at the time, then this one was on another dimension. Everytime I walked into a place, this would be the first game I looked for. And if they set the game up right then when you warped to another level the sound would vibrate the entire machine (or when you did Super Zapper).. And just the whole concept and the look was out of this world. Anyways It was my dream to own this game as a kid.

    Also back then (in my neighborhood) the games were in Bodegas, pizza shops, little mini-arcades, and it really had you exploring your neighborhood at a young age and discovering new spots with video games and you would travel all around your neighborhood to seek them out with or without your friends. We def had the best pizza in the world and I remember the smell of amazing pizza on a cold winter day and going in to get a slice and a soda and to play those games. As a kid you didn't have too many quarters so each one you dropped was like gold and you would play your best for each game, and each game meant a lot; not like today where you can play as many as you want for free. Sometimes you would run into these Yoda-like people with supernatural skills and everyone would just surround them amazed.

    (BTW the iPad version is pretty good.)

  10. great memory early 80s woo tempest awesome game

  11. y r loosers stll playin dis wen der iz Cyberpunk game for PS5 LOLZ

  12. “got the idea from a nightmare he had isn’t that cool parzival?” “yeah that is cool artie”

  13. Anthony loved this game.

    “It’s time for you to go now Ethel.”

  14. Wow this still look as amazing as back then. Few games can claim that.

  15. This is so cool, it took me a long time to remember the name of this game.

  16. What a bizarre game. Really creative concept, though.

  17. The PS5 3D audio hardware is named after this game, it seems.

  18. Increíblemente avanzado para la época! Me encanta su estética!

  19. Read player one (the book) brought me here

  20. I had a spiritual experience playing this game almost 40 years ago. I played only occasionally and I was not very good at any video game. One day I found myself able to see the game almost in slow motion. I was playing for the longest time and people started to surround me in the pizzeria and it filled with more people. Everyone one wanted to see the impossible. I become convinced the machine was somehow broken. I handed the controls to the best player I knew. I could hear him lose all 3 lives within seconds. I looked in a mirror as I was walking away and my ears were very red and my pupils were gigantic. I had the strangest feeling that I could understand everyone in the room as if I could read their minds. I am convinced this game somehow activated brain waves or stimulated a state of consciousness by the game play that put me in some altered state. I want to buy a machine but they go for almost $4,000.

  21. Yup… it was my favorite as well, and when I first saw it I was mesmerized. Some people didn't get the chance to see only what was before it because they were born well after games because far more complex and advanced… but not in character and style, or "feel".
    Tempest was right after most games looking flat, audience style as if a picture or stage was in front of you. I like those games but if anyone wasn't old enough or even alive yet back then they would have to imagine only the games before Tempest to know just how interesting it was to see for the first time. Suddenly, it was "first person" involvement. The lines were simple but defined, the little demon like two-legged spider critter could run like the wind across the grooves you shot down, and the graphic shapes were actually quite pretty as they sucked you down to the next shape.
    Yes I know the earth was full of us naive 80's humans screwing up the environment, but we were totally clueless and hoping for some of the simplest pleasures for entertainment. Being about 13 years old and mowing lawns, etc.. to make a lousy 5 to 10 bucks, then spending sometimes most of it on quarters after luckily catching a ride to the only place with an arcade when you lived in a small town, was heaven. Then you might see some girls that were definitely from schools you didn't know, so of course that took us away from any worries as well. Ahhh yes the early 80's. EARLY 80's were definitely a magic time.

  22. i found out there's 3 "V" Variants in tempest

    1-Normal V
    2-Stairway V
    3- Crooked V

  23. sprawling on the fringes of the city in geometric order

  24. fricking legend man, I salute you for playing this

  25. Doesn't matter the system or era. Intelligent and Hardworking developers can always make something impressive in the medium.

  26. For 1981, this was amazing, especially the moving stars part.

  27. Awesome game,I remember the day they added this one to the arcade that was in the bowling alley we went to as a kid,loved it right away,the speed of the game,visuals, and the sound effects were incredible,kids used to stand around just watching people play this game,man those were some of the best times.

  28. Wow, I see the Inspiration for the Hacker Puzzels in ratchet & Calnk 3 😀

  29. Wow. I recall playing this game when it was first introduced. I was in high school. Awesome times. One day, I'd like to own an original arcade setup.

  30. That's a hell of a game for a 1981 release.

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