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1980s Japan – Video Arcade ゲームセンター

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Feb. 6, 2013 UPDATE: Submitted copyright appeal so hopefully this will now be viewable.
Here we walk into a video game arcade. Amazing that there were slot cars still around even then.


  1. After playing Yakuza 0 (which is set in 1988 Japan) all I can think when seeing 1:43 is "Pocket Circuit!" And yep that was indeed Space Harrier, once again the same Yakuza game made me quite familiar with what the old arcade cabinet looked like (Yakuza is a Sega franchise so they were able to include arcade perfect versions of games like Space Harrier and Out Run).

  2. Oh man, Space Harrier. Loved that game as a kid

  3. Great video of a great era. Yakuza Zero lives 😉

  4. My mother would used to drop me off in one of these arcades as a child and she would go to grocery and department store. lol

  5. 懐かしい…サンシャインのゲーセンの前におもちゃ屋さんありましたよね?ガス銃、エアガン買ってもらった。泣

  6. Man, Japan was so optimistic in the 80's…

  7. この時代(80年代~90年代)にゲームセンターは夢の様な最高程に言い切れないくらい、輝き出したと言えるな~。(*≧∀≦*)




  8. 2:16 to the dude in the vest: “Where’s the rest of Take That?”

  9. 日本って昭和末期から平成初期が一番COOLやったんやな・・・(´ω`)

  10. What a gem of a video, brings back lot of memories. Great to see those Japanese boys with the Yomiuri Giants caps(very popular baseballteam back then) very cool, always for me the number 1 thing to go to after landing in Japan was the arcade!

  11. Hey, I really like this footage and would like to us for a documentary project. Could you send me an email to lim.jonathon@gmail.com thanks!

  12. Dei ricordi assolutamente eccezionali, quando si era giovani, immagino sarete ormai sui quasi 60 anni, incredibili gli anni 80

  13. At begin what title of the song with intro

  14. It’s nice to watch this video showing Japan in 1987. It’s pleasing that you’ve recorded these moments back in 1987. Video arcades were very popular to go to back then. It was packed with adults & children. Love the entire video👍

  15. When did Japanese arcades start using those generic white cabinets for video games?

  16. Are you sure this is a real video of that footage?

  17. The guys with the sunglasses looks like someone from today

  18. It's amazing to see footage like this, so clean and clear. These guys really did the internet a solid.

  19. 今なら盗撮扱いされるけど、この頃はみんなカメラにピースしていた。人々がギスギスしてなくて平和だったなぁ。貴重なムービーですね。

  20. 2:34これうちのお父さんがwiiでやってたなぁゲーム台自体は初めてみた。レトロな映像有難うございます

  21. 撮影許可とかも取ってないんだろうな(*^^*)なんだか喉かだよね。個人情報とか著作権とか全くない時代。外国人がグラサンかけて来られたら怯んだ時代だね。

  22. do you guys have a contact email address? i'm hoping to get permission to use this footage in a documentary

  23. 巨人軍の帽子かぶってた少年たちもいたね 篠塚とか原とかクロマティがおったころやね

  24. Japan was the richest Asian country in 80s. Now its China.

  25. 懐かしすぎる。

  26. This is Gold🙂👍
    Thank you very much!
    I was born in the 90s and i am very interested in how the world looked like in the 80s. The last decade before my birth is very interesting for me:-)

  27. この子供たちも40代くらいなってるんやな。撮影してアメリカ人は50中ごろくらいか

  28. 今のゲーセンには無いレトロフューチャー的雰囲気があるなあ

  29. 素晴らしい映像!レトロゲーム最高!11年前のUP動画でビックリ!ありがとう!

  30. Can I go back in time and play those games at that time

  31. ここにいる少年達全員会社の上司

  32. I'm trying to write a manga that's set in late 80s early 90s Japan. This video is great. It's hard to find pictures and videos of what Tokyo looked like back then. I don't want to accidentally make it look like the present. Where can I find accurate maps, pictures and stuff?

  33. @NichiBeiTrader
    I want to post this video, can I use it?

  34. Dude this looks like present day but without face masks ( for people in the future that doesn’t know what COVID is then you’ve been blessed you didn’t live through it)

  35. 池袋駅の地下にあったスナックランドが好きだったなぁ

  36. That was really cool. I was in Tokyo the following year. I'm glad that you got the location in one of the scenes.

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