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1976 Midway Sea Wolf Arcade Game ! Gameplay, Artwork ,Cabinet Design Video

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What an awesome game, we got in and repaired an old-school black and white 1976 Midway Sea Wolf Arcade Game! Check out the video and see what all the fuss is about!

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  1. I used to go into a little submarine sandwich shop in Bremmerton, Wa way back in 1977 and they had this game. It's the only video game I have ever liked.

  2. Do people still like this game? It's pretty low tech compared to what's available in games today.

  3. MAME did a pretty good job at recreating the bezels and lights for this gam

  4. I remember this was the first arcade game I ever played. I must have been 3 or 4 years old

  5. Loved this game when I was young. I used to play it at the arcade at Salem Willows Park in Salem, MA in the 70s

  6. I think this my first video game experience….
    I remember this cabinet as toddler of six years .Was this first arcade game before space invader craze?

  7. Firefighters ? And yes, I =AM= reproducing this game, complete with the explosion overlay. Will write back here when done.

  8. Just caught onto your channel. Love your passion for these old games. Thank you for making these videos and bringing these classics back to life.

  9. So I was explaining to my 16yr old son how I played a game just like this one in 1979 in a small holiday park in Devon UK . Thank you for posting 😎 game over .

  10. Brings tears to my eyes. My Dad passed July 16th 2018. He always took me to the arcade every week. $5 went a long way. Especially as I got very good the quarters lasted lol. We used to play this game everytime as one of our gotos. So many memories. Wish I was there playing it with you. I appreciate it.

  11. This was the first arcade game that I ever played. Was a little kid, around 1979. Small game room that mostly had pinball and a few pool tables. They also had an Atari Stunt Cycle game that I played. Brings back memories.

  12. One of my favourite arcade games back when I was at high school in Newcastle Australia.

  13. i was 7YO when it came to the restaurant in my town ,and i had to stand on my toes or a booster seat to play it- i did not do well

  14. One of the first arcade games I remember playing at Rico’s Pizza Parlor. Along with another arcade game with a step & viewfinder; BattleZone! Thanks for the review.

  15. I had this game as a kid!!! It wasn’t working when my dad picked it up but he had her running great within a week.

  16. remember playing this in Spanish arcades in the 70s

  17. Played this a lot as a kid. Grants store (pre-Kamart) in Bloomsburg PA. This was higher tech. I remember one that had painted metal ships on a chain drive. The ‘torpedo’ was a red light under a painted ocean scene. Great game too!

  18. "Stan's Arcade" in Janesville(Wisconsin)had this!

  19. They should make a new version of this game. I had an arcade in my mall but it closed over 10 years ago. I miss the nostalgia.

  20. Do you have one of these for sale, or know of someone who has it for sale?

  21. I was in high school when I gained came out I really enjoyed playing it

  22. I'm trying to find out the name of the machine they had on the Russian typhoon submarines similar to this one just wondering do you know what it was

  23. I remember playing this at the first arcade I started frequenting… the "basement" of Eastland Mall, McKeesport, PA. That arcade was mostly old mechanical and light gun games and some pinballs, but I remember they also had Sea Wolf, Lunar Lander, and they later added a Space Invaders. While the monitor on this is, of course, black and white, I remember the one I played, the "white" looked blue (giving it a deep sea ambience) than what's in this video. Maybe that color isn't coming through in the video? Was it an effect of the black light that's mentioned?

  24. I used to love this game when I was a kid. But like you said, I was too short to play it.

  25. This arcade game is 45 years old now, since it's 2021.

  26. This was the very first video game I ever played back in ‘76 or ‘77 at the Wonderland arcade in Ocean City, New Jersey. I’ve been a gamer ever since!

  27. Man I remember going to koa camp sites in summer and playing the heck out this game in the 80s

  28. "Earl" (Wisconsin)had two of these machines…both busted! I wanted to buy one, but he wanted too much for it; Said he was probably going to take both cabinets "out back" at some point & urn them. Cats…all over the place, poopin' In all the games, too! Earl was a good guy, though!

  29. My first submarine game I played was SEGA Periscope game in the 60s. This game was faster. The PT Boat tested your peripheral vision also skill of leading it to get it. Those two games are some of my favorites. Thanks for bringing a smile to this old man

  30. playing this game now on the atgames arcade legend machine! Fans of sauce v5.0!!

  31. I ADORED this game when I was a kid and my Dad took us to the bowling alley on the weekend!

  32. My Grandma used to give me quarters to play this when she took to to Rink's Department Store (a chain that long ago went out of business) back in the 1970s. She has been gone now for over 30 years. Been so busy with the RAT RACE that I haven't thought of her for a while. Thanks for the memory.

  33. I loved this game so much but my house was already to full to buy one when it came up on the market so I convinced my friend to buy it so I could play it. only took me about a month to finish repairs on it and make it reliable. ps there is a dip switch setting that turns off the high score reset button. got to replace the ball bearings in the periscope some day

  34. So primitive by today's standards, but still so dear to the hearts of those who were there. This was the game I played in the summer of '76 at the Holiday Inn arcade in Vegas. It wasn't even really an arcade by today's standards, but I was only 9 and I loved it. I pumped quarter after quarter into it. Thanks.

  35. Ok, I remembered this one only because that fast PT boat with the siren. I played this.

  36. Pinball was first for me
    But the Sea Wolf was my very first true video game. I remember going to Payless drug store ( how many remember them ) to play the game that was in the corner of the store.

  37. 11:35 is the word coin cut off cause of monitor issue?amazing back then how cpu could control accurate second countdown and individual ships speeds at same time back then.

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