#150 Rare DECO Arcade Video Game CASSETTE SYSTEM from 1980 - TNT Amusements - video-games-arcade.com

#150 Rare DECO Arcade Video Game CASSETTE SYSTEM from 1980 – TNT Amusements

TNT Amusements Inc
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Host Todd Tuckey shows you a DEDICATED DECO (Data East Corporation) Arcade Video Game made in 1980 that actually used a micro cassette to “load” the game into the system! EVERY time you turned the game on, it took some 5 minutes for the Game Roms to load into the system! Some 47 games were made including Burgertime and Bump and Jump, but most were obscure and never got to the USA! But, here is a glimpse into a forgotten Arcade Game and its history!


  1. I had one with two controls home computer it had burger time and mouse hunt. It plays using a tv. It was a lot of fun as a kid.

  2. Great video. Love seeing that old cassette technology. Very cool.

  3. Now that is a cool game with a very interesting history!

  4. Wow, that's IT?! I'd heard of these machines before with the cassettes, but I figured they were just regular cassette-tape sized dealies, not the mini-cassettes like that!

  5. A company called Woodplace Inc, that consisted of former employees from Nichibutsu (who most notably made Crazy Climber in 1980).

  6. Never heard of The Deep game. Was it based on the movie?

  7. What a neat machine! And I thought the pains of loading games from cassette were reserved for early home computer users, not arcades.

  8. I like the sound coming off of this arcade machine.  There are two problems that I would have with this machine though…  Cassette degradation and replacement and the inability to save high scores.

  9. somewhere my Vic20 is around  it just download load to a tv monitor.  blank screen.  but had the real audio cassette like player…  i hid it in my room dad wanted to pitch it all smh

  10. I remember using a standard cassette with my old Radio Shack color computer.

  11. I remember the Deco-Cassette system quite well. Nothing like standing around forever to play Bump and Jump. The Deep is an odd game, like an advanced Depth Charge (1977 Gremlin). That's showing my age!

  12. The deep is actually a fun game Wildwood Boardwalk used to be unsafe like Asbury Park but now it's cleaned up and fun for family's

  13. voice of Soundwave

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