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15 Crazy CastleVania Fan Games – SGR

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What do you do when you have completed every #CastleVania game? You play these “incredible” fan-games | Don’t forget to use code “Slope” at the checkout in order to get 10% off and use this link ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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SO SO SO Many Fan games from within the world of Castlevania. sadly most of them are pretty bare bones… here we have 15 that are well worth checking out

1, Castlevania made in Unreal

2, Castlevania: Kyuketsuki no Kirachimu

3, Castlevania : Simon’s Destiny

4, The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest

5, Residentvania

6, CastleVania Spectral Interlude

7, CastleVania Fighter

8, Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony

9, Ponyvania

10, Castlevania Chronicles: Dracula’s Curse

11, Castlevania Dracula LCD Chronicals DX

12, Castlevania The Lecarde Chronicles

13, Castlevania The Seal of the curse

14, Castlevania: Hell’s Lullaby

15, Silver Night’s Crusaders

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  1. does Bloodstained count as a fan game? /s

  2. Always liked Castevania, or, as I like to call it, "Out on the Lash".

  3. Glad to see this is still a gaming channel and not just a kickstarter freak show.

  4. You ok Slope? Your voice sounds a little subdued..

  5. I remember Ponyvania back in 2013, and was impressed for those kind of fangames back during my college yearsz

  6. Metroid-Vania isn't a term.
    and it can't be a term.
    1. "CastleVania" itself means "Castle and Transylvania." (a castle in Transylvania)
    2. Metroid is a creature from space, as is the titular character of said series.
    as such, you can't have "Metroid-Vania"… it literally makes no sense. grammatically or otherwise.
    regardless that CastleVania borrowed a format from that game.
    It's time to stake that stupid term and bury it.

  7. The second Lecarde Chronicle game actually got the voice actor for Alucard to contribute to it. Plus, I'm pretty sure a bit role in the good ending was voiced by the same actress as 2B. If I'm wrong, then those are impressive sound alikes.

  8. Is CV3 really overlooked? People usually place it up with Rondo and Bloodlines as far as the classics go

  9. If you're gonna do fan game videos, you gotta do some Sonic ones. There are so many good Sonic fan games. They even have a yearly fan game expo.

  10. hi, I'm just dropping the Kenjivania series recommendation to further expand the list, cya 😛

  11. Considering you mentioned that Touhou Castlevania title, I'm surprised you didn't mention Touhou Luna Nights.

    Glad you did mention Spectral Interlude, though!

  12. Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony

    It is not a spin-off the touhou series its rather a fangame of the touhou series as the creator of touhou is completely fine with people using touhou characters and the setting for their games as long as they don't steal their assets (heck he even let's people profit of his games)

  13. I am so glad to see the Unreal Remake in this list. Saw it when it first went up on Itchio and was so disappointed when they got shut down. Had fun playing it, despite the bugs.

  14. Surprised Konami has taken ANY of these games down, considering they seem to have forgotten they even make games any more.

  15. I am not seeing the links he said would be in the discription.

  16. A few of these seem to be lost…

  17. the Gzdoom one > all the others. Batandy is a god of modding.

  18. The word Mugen 無限 in Japannese means "endless", "infinite" or "boundless", so that's where they got the name for the fighting game, probably. The acronym is probably a backronym.

  19. Touhou is not pronounced "toe-who", but "toe-hoe"

  20. Don't have any specific recommendations, but yes please on the Metroid fan games!

  21. white people will do anything to avoid pronouncing foreign words correctly

  22. Would kill for a Metroid fan game vid.

  23. My fav is Castlevania Chorus of Mystery. It's a ROM hack of the first NES and it feels like what Castlevania II would have been if they stuck with the same style as the first instead of going the Simons Quest route. It has new graphics and music too which is a step above some other rom hacks.

  24. Like I haven't been advertised ridge wallet on youtube before.

  25. 10:55 drools
    11:38 Ohhh with characters like Remilia Scarlet I agree it definitely works. I mean, they made a Mega Man Touhou game!

  26. Though it's not a Metroidvania type game, CvRL: Serenade of Chaos is a pretty cool roguelike game set in the Castlevania universe. It can be found on itch io.

  27. I will take Castlevania any way I can get it. Thank you for doing this!!

  28. The fans really helped a lot to make this game more fun

  29. Have you seen Pigsy's Megadrive remake of SoTN?

  30. Normally I'm not a big castlevania fan, I play more metroid or "metroidvania" games but some of these fangames still interest me. A quick note : The link for the Castlevania: Kyuketsuki no Kirachimu fangame, is no longer working.

  31. I actually really like Lament of Innocence and found the Devil May Cry ripoff game to be quite crap but that's just me

  32. I'll never forget when my friends and I rented SotN back in the 90s. We beat it in like 5 hours with no items and concluded the game was trash lol. now keep in mind we had no guide or anything like that and were playing completely blind. Literally one of my top three games of all time missed me the first time.

  33. Just finished GBA collection and going back through the DS roms as we speak. Getting close to the end of Dawn of Sorrow. Good timing on the video!

  34. Really enjoyed this vid. I had completely forgot about Castlevania Unreal. I’m sad now.

  35. I think you skimped a bit on your research of the Lecarde games, they are not in any way remakes of the NES games, the first one is inspired by SCIV and the second by simon's quest/order of ecclesia

  36. I just beat TouhouVania 2 today lol ! I didn't know most of those fangames, but now I'm looking forward to playing them in the future.

  37. One I can recommend is Super Mario XP. It has Mario in it, obviously, but it uses CastleVania's level design. You might have a hard time getting it to play on today's PCs though, it was designed for Windows XP. Cheers!

  38. The Lecarde Chronicles is the best. Canon in my collection.

  39. That demake at 14:30… that could be a whole new world of demakes. Nostalgia for the millenials and their Tiger childhoods.

  40. the ONLY proper response to a DMCA claim is to reply "No." and nothing else.

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