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11 Best 2021 Video Games You Didn’t Play

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The Forgotten City deserves your love.

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  1. Caligula Effect 2. As underappreciated as its predecessor, a JRPPG with musical themes relating to the virtual idols involved in the narrative, the hook to the gameplay is that before you finalize an action, you're given a prediction of how the next several seconds should play out, assuming the attack doesn't miss or anything. Thus, your turn planning essentially becomes coordination, like a dance to the music.

  2. Guardians was garbage…..lots of technical problems and the graphics were horrible

  3. I’d agree with some of these, but if you follow twitch just a little you would know others are definately not unknown, or unplayed.

  4. For me, this year has been all about several great games coming out of Early Access, & blowing me away. I am utterly addicted to Surviving the Aftermath & Medieval Dynasty. Solasta: Crown of the Magister is also an amazing AA title!

  5. You should re-name this video to "11 2021 Video Games You Shouldn't Waste Your Time With"

  6. I have played four of the games on this list.

  7. Guardians of the Galaxy was <3, i need more

  8. Forgotten City is absolutely worth its money!

  9. Thus video got me back into gaming. Thanks a bunch!!

  10. I did play artful escape, cyber shadow but didnt finished it and my friend pedro

  11. Just so you guys know, Chorus has been released on December 3rd 2021. A very cool space dogfighting game. I just strated it but nothing but the gameplay is saliva inducing

  12. Kena Bridge of Spirits is my GOTY

  13. I already watched angry Joe's take on guardians of the galaxy. Its an average game, nothing amazing.

  14. Funny that Scott mentioned Deus Ex.. I'm not laughing tho.. 😐

  15. Never thought I would even think of buying Gaurdins of the galaxy but glad I did. I really wanted to like The forgotten city but I just couldn't get into it.

  16. By far the most terrifying and worst list I've ever seen. this channel belongs deleted or saved for this video

  17. I have played all but 2 of these and Dodgeball Academia is really meh except easy achievements. Sable is meh period and there is no way the Forgotten City should be number 1 except for easy achievements. It people haven't played it, even with it on Game Pass, it shows it isn't that great.

  18. Yeah but I NEED a combo mad necessity system

  19. honestly it's not that it's a bad series, I just feel league of legends was played much of and watched. where I loved theres a vast western world created in likes of ff and tales of, cause I been recommended for them by so many

  20. I'm playing Kena – and was playing it before your 'list' came out! It's a beautiful game and would love to see more of this franchise, Hope Ember Labs take it further.

  21. Wait, are you trying to say there were actually good games released this year? I mean, you start this list with GotG and say it's as great as Spider-Man from 2018 which was th biggest disappointment of the year for me.
    10 minutes later: Nope, didn't see anything really interesting or good. Seriously, having a game with DAZ characters at no.1 is all you need to know about this list.

  22. To be honest I did not enjoy guardians of the Galaxy as much as everybody else I guess. It was not a bad game by any means but to me it just wasn't a Be all to end all fantastic game like everybody says it is.

    I did not care for the slow movement and pacing and I virtually almost never found a use for the various skills you unlock. I also found it annoying that collectibles were so easily missed yet it was really just a chore to go back and repeat an entire mission to find a comic book or something.

    The game play itself was definitely more polished and had a better feel than avengers but there's no way it was up there with Spider-Man or Miles Morales.

    I think it was more of a mid-tier one and done type of game.

  23. Yeah. Lemme tell you about some, "CyBeR ShAdOw". Do you wanna cry? I said, DO YOU WANNA CRY?!
    ….luv dat game.

  24. If not for this video, I wouldnt have known that The Ruined King existed!!! They should have marketed it better!!! I didnt know it was the same team that made Battle Chasers! Same art style and gameplay!!! Went and bought it immediately after watching this video. Thank you!!!

  25. The biggest reason why Guardians isn't doing as well as it should be is because of the abject disaster that was Marvels Avengers. If Guardians maybe came out either before Avengers or a few years down the road so Avengers could be well and good off in the rear view mirror.

    And Kana might be the most aesthetically beautiful game I've ever seen.

  26. OPUS: Echo of Starsong. Such an amazing adventure title, loved by fans and yet hardly anyone talks about it. Only some minor gaming outlets even mention it. And that despite it sitting at almost 3000 reviews on Steam with 97% positive.

  27. I preordered Kena but cos of uni I’ve only been home to play like half an hour of it. Even still that’s enough for me to know it’s gonna be great!

  28. I'll never commit time to literally any platformer….

  29. But have these kids mastered the Five D's of Dodgeball?

  30. Still waiting on that continuation to AcceleRacers.

  31. The gameplay of Guardians just doesn’t appeal to me… and I don’t like how the characters look. Same as Avengers, but at least that one was a bullet dodged, not a treasure lol.

  32. Maker of kena Bridget of spirits said a sequel is unlikely to happen and they will focus on another game with the same style and gameplay

  33. Hades is a fantastic game. Did that come out this year, or last year? It's the best rouge like I've ever played

  34. Dodgeball academia is surprisingly excellent. Definitely worth playing.

  35. I was actually going to grab Kena on payday too lol

  36. I've played the Forgotten City mod many times. Nice to see it's its own game now, might have to check it out

  37. Just finished Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I loved it, def one of my fave games of the years.

  38. I played and loved Kena! I hope it gets a sequel or some dlc. Everything else on this list I'm just not going to bother because they don't look interesting. Kena actually felt like a real game and not some cheap indie game.

  39. "GUNFIRE: Reborn" final launch was this year. It came out last year, but now it is the full game.

  40. Guardians and Kena – two games I was excited about, everyone loved, and then fell completely flat with me for whatever reason.

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