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In this video you’ll watch 100 remarkable PC games from the 90’s (not necessarily the best ones).
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  1. The list left out so many great games. So many first-person shooters, not even a single flight simulator. What about the Wing Commander series, and Wing Commander Privateer, the best flight sim game ever? Microprose’s Tank Platoon and Sword of Samurai, and Sid Meier’s Civilization and Pirates! ? These were all the great games of the 90s, and you left them out. Sheesh…

  2. Win95 brought everything to us. no wonder all the good games come from 1995 and after

  3. Compare Mega Drives' Sonic 1992 with the PC Games from that year. Thats why I bought the system as soon it was available in germany.

  4. I'm missing Lost Eden from ~1995? Also Gooch Grundy's X-decathlon, which also was a blást! Terminal Velocity was awesome as well.

    No criticism, very nice listing, just adding some 'honorable mentions' 🙂

  5. Then you should have played Death Race back in 1976. 😊👍

  6. The list should replace Dune with Dune 2, the grandmother of all RTS

  7. This is missing the Myth series (makes warcraft and StarCraft look like the garbage it always has been), the marathon series (infinitely better games than doom), and the baldurs gate series.

  8. kingpin holy cow! played so many hrs on that game. esp once cable internet came out that game was amazing multi player

  9. Coming here because I forgot the name of some entertainment title that I played but I know that it came from the 90s

  10. There is a game that I searching for, I played on my old windows xp, is about a robot (that turned into a car [no, was not a transformers game]) and shooting in another robots, with a big gun and a sniper as far as I remember… lol wtf I'm doing, I really wanna know what this game is

  11. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is an incredible experience with multiple paths and endings.

  12. I don't get the list. Too many Adventures and First-Person-Shooters. Even a lot average one. But no Quake? No Need For Speed? No Red Baron? No Baldurs Gate? No Heroes of Might & Magic? No Dune II? No Panzer General? No Grand Prix II? No Railroad Tycoon? No X-COM? No Rollercoaster Tycoon? No The Settlers? No Civilization? No Wing Commander? No X-Wing? No Anno? No Madden, FIFA or other sports game? I don't get it.

  13. I bet this comment millionth times before my, but Baldurs Gate?

  14. It was the time when PC games were differentiated. I miss that time!!

  15. Loved playing the first Doom but Half Life blew my mind away

  16. I was born in 2004 and i can say that games between 1990 and 2005 were best

  17. Does anyone know that game on Windows95? It's a man in a submarine trying to dodge and shoot sea creatures.

  18. I grew up at a great time and was lucky to have a pc

  19. I loved it very cool congratulations, I've already signed up, I also have video game collection:D Games Collection

  20. Gobliins i love that game hoop one day some one will make new ones.

  21. Only the rich kids had PC's I had to get my kicks at the arcades

  22. I'd forgotten just how assy SimCity 2000 sounds on a PC. Mac Version had the best music.

  23. Here I am trying to find my obscure games I used to play as a kid…

    Uh if anyone sees this do you know of a game that has a stone soup story in it?

  24. 2:35 this is cyberpunk gameplay? without bugs??? NICE UPDATE!

  25. To me these games were what gaming was meant to be…..FUN!

  26. Wow what a jump in graphics with half life.

  27. Thanks. Was looking for this 6:53 game. I remember watching bits by bits of gameplay a few years ago but was too scared to watch the whole thing because of how gory & eerie it was but I'm going to give this a try for the hundredth time again. Lol

  28. MDK is still brilliant, wish theyd put it through a new engine.

  29. Just want to go to my old room and start writing games again. 3rd millennium and sh1t.

  30. No Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe? One of the best flight sims in the 90's.

  31. So many great memories here.
    But they suck by todays standards….let sleeping dogs lie, or you'll just get disappointed going back playing most of them today.

  32. Dear Lovwd it.. Old memories.. Brought a smile on my face.. Can u pls share those games download links (wolf3d

  33. Colonization
    Close Combat
    Comanche 1 e 2
    Creature shock
    Lost eden
    The journeyman project triology
    Atlantis Triology
    Myst 5 games
    Delta Force 1 e 2
    Ecstatica 1 e 2
    Holiday Island
    Jagged Alliance
    Lords of the realm 1 e 2
    Machiavelli the prince
    Master of magic
    Sim Tower
    X-com terror from the deep
    Alien Legacy
    GrandPrix 2
    GrandPrix Manager 2
    Ultimate Soccer Manager 98
    Call to Power
    Tomb Raider
    Quake 1 e 2
    Gangsters 1 e 2
    Imperialism 1 e 2
    Motocross Madness 1 e 2
    Panzer General 1 e 2
    Caesar 2 e 3
    The settlers
    Steven Spillberg Director chair

  34. Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis should get the remastered special edition treatment like the two Monkey Island games and Day of The Tentacle did!

  35. Wish I could get hold of a legit copy of aferlife

  36. Hey anyone know the name of that pc game in which the girl was the main protagonist and she wears blue ninja style dress and she has to fight with bad ninjas dressed in white and black costumes and she fights in field location and there were power ups she only had punch moves and kicks nothing else and some sort of magical power i m currently not able to remember that name of the game plz help me

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