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In this video you’ll watch 100 remarkable PC games from the 90’s (not necessarily the best ones).
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  1. Hey anyone know the name of that pc game in which the girl was the main protagonist and she wears blue ninja style dress and she has to fight with bad ninjas dressed in white and black costumes and she fights in field location and there were power ups she only had punch moves and kicks nothing else and some sort of magical power i m currently not able to remember that name of the game plz help me

  2. Wish I could get hold of a legit copy of aferlife

  3. Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis should get the remastered special edition treatment like the two Monkey Island games and Day of The Tentacle did!

  4. Colonization
    Close Combat
    Comanche 1 e 2
    Creature shock
    Lost eden
    The journeyman project triology
    Atlantis Triology
    Myst 5 games
    Delta Force 1 e 2
    Ecstatica 1 e 2
    Holiday Island
    Jagged Alliance
    Lords of the realm 1 e 2
    Machiavelli the prince
    Master of magic
    Sim Tower
    X-com terror from the deep
    Alien Legacy
    GrandPrix 2
    GrandPrix Manager 2
    Ultimate Soccer Manager 98
    Call to Power
    Tomb Raider
    Quake 1 e 2
    Gangsters 1 e 2
    Imperialism 1 e 2
    Motocross Madness 1 e 2
    Panzer General 1 e 2
    Caesar 2 e 3
    The settlers
    Steven Spillberg Director chair

  5. Dear Lovwd it.. Old memories.. Brought a smile on my face.. Can u pls share those games download links (wolf3d

  6. So many great memories here.
    But they suck by todays standards….let sleeping dogs lie, or you'll just get disappointed going back playing most of them today.

  7. No Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe? One of the best flight sims in the 90's.

  8. Just want to go to my old room and start writing games again. 3rd millennium and sh1t.

  9. MDK is still brilliant, wish theyd put it through a new engine.

  10. Thanks. Was looking for this 6:53 game. I remember watching bits by bits of gameplay a few years ago but was too scared to watch the whole thing because of how gory & eerie it was but I'm going to give this a try for the hundredth time again. Lol

  11. Wow what a jump in graphics with half life.

  12. To me these games were what gaming was meant to be…..FUN!

  13. 2:35 this is cyberpunk gameplay? without bugs??? NICE UPDATE!

  14. Here I am trying to find my obscure games I used to play as a kid…

    Uh if anyone sees this do you know of a game that has a stone soup story in it?

  15. I'd forgotten just how assy SimCity 2000 sounds on a PC. Mac Version had the best music.

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