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100 MS-DOS Games In 10 Minutes – The 80s Edition!

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My first video for the PC platform!

If you grew up in the 80s, you probably gamed on MS-DOS at some point or another. While not much of a contender in the early/mid 80s, the PC really started gathering popularity in the late 80s, before becoming the dominant (non-console) platform in the mid-90s.

4 color CGA graphics? Yep. 16 color EGA graphics? Luxury. 256 color VGA graphics? A dream. Sound? Uhm, the less said about that, the better.

It’s interesting to note that the first half the 80s tended to have more arcade ports and action games, mixed with the occasional RPG, before the late 80s started bringing in more Sierra/Lucasarts style adventures and more “sophisticated” games. Hopefully, this video shows that evolution well. Indeed, this video really charts the evolution of the Video Game quite well

Notes: I’ve used the North American names of games where applicable – so “Sentinel” becomes “The Sentry” and Nebulous is “Tower Toppler”. Also, I’ve tried to include some European games that many North American gamers may not have heard of.


  1. Does anyone remember a game called Harvey? You took care of an older man named Harvey, kind of like The Sims.

  2. Can't remember this medieval PC game name from mid-late '80's: it was about seizing castles via catapults loaded with a choice of pest, fire or rocks.

    Help a fellow gamer remember it.

  3. My older brothers were deviants so all I remember is Leisure Suit Larry.

  4. I want a real remaster of the karateka 1982

  5. Its a hard hope, but may be some1 can help. I was looking for a CGA MS-DOS game, can't remember the name. It was pseudo-3D (isometric view), where you walk around space base and kill robots. Between the missons you flyes on the space ship in some kind of mase trying beat timer and get a bonus. This game can't be found in this video, but may some1 old enough to remember it. 🙂

  6. It's nice to see how PC graphics evolved throughout the '80s in this video. At that time I never owned a PC, just a TI-99/4A and Atari 800XL. Those early CGA games often looked horrible where Apple II, Atari 8-bit, C64 and even TI-99/4A owners can rest easy but I started seeing vast improvements by 1986 (better looking CGA, and the beginnings of EGA) and when 1989 rolls around, while EGA was still common, VGA was starting to creep in.

  7. I had 4 PCs , Coleco Adam, PCjr, 8088 with CGA and 80286 with EGA.
    I played about half of these games.
    My 80286 had a sound card (I think an adlib). Games that supported were much more enjoyable and the EGA card was much better. VGA card were to expensive at the time.

  8. PC speaker and CGA graphics, talk about painful.

  9. Remember when these games were innovative for their time ahhh the good ole times

  10. I used to play operation wolf😍😍😍😍

  11. たくさんの思い出をありがとうございます。子供の頃の思い出が蘇ってきました。感謝🇯🇵

  12. alley cat and lode runner😍😍oh my childhood

  13. Das war noch was, wie ich mit meinen Freunden gerätselt habe, wie wir die Kopierschutzfragen von Larry beantworten. Und dann ganz wichtig: USE CONDOM 🙂

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