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10 Weirdest Arcade Cabinets

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Arcade cabinets have – quite literally – one job. They exist for the sole purpose of bringing a single game to the public, in the hopes that that public will insert their life’s savings, coin by coin. Sometimes cabinets contain more than one game and other times they will be repurposed if a game is not successful but, for the most part, one cabinet equals one game. This specificity often leads to arcade cabinets feeling unique. They are, essentially, big, clunky consoles designed to play only one game. This allows the developers of that game to tailor the cabinet’s design, controls, and everything else about its presentation to the game inside. Why am I going out of my way to be very, very clear about this fact? Well, because rather than simply slapping a joystick and some images of the main character all over the thing, some developers…got real weird with it. And that’s no exaggeration. What you are about to see cannot be unseen. You are not ready for this, I assure you. Having said that, you’re going to look at them anyway. Here are the 10 Weirdest Arcade Cabinets.

VO: Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude)
Script: Tyler Bramley (@TylerBramley3)
Video Editor: Alex Winters (@MrSteakFace)

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  1. Heeyyy its Matsumoto and Hamada! 4:05 Those guys are amazing

  2. Japan always have a history of being totally bonkers when it comes to arcade games like these. Not anywhere else but JAPAN!

  3. I'm pretty sure I've seen an Udderly Tickets years ago when Gameworks (the chain of arcades owned by Sega of America) was still around in my area.

    I miss Gameworks…

  4. Yes, there was 2 versions of Boonga-Boonga, one with a spanking paddle while the other had a hand with 2 fingers pointing outward to be inserted into the simulated ass.

  5. I've played that table flipping game and it's actually a lot of fun but the one I played had an office setting and a wedding reception. Nothing beats flipping the table and cake all over the attendants. Would unleash my inner bridezilla again and I'm a guy xD.

  6. the correct name for a dog walking game is perroton

  7. To be fair to the Berlin wall one, no one actually died during that event, unlike the millions in the world wars…
    But hey, let's take those events for prepubescent gamersgaters to go on a mass murder spree…

  8. I've played the table flip one!!! There's one at Arcade Club Bury, and they have some other cool cabs. The weirdest one I've ever played though, you missed. It's Poogie Race, there's a copy at Arcade Club Leeds, and you race pigs, using big plastic pigs. It's hilarious.

  9. very impressed with this list. These aren't as easily researched as other games since a lot are obscure

  10. The Berlin Wall one… Did I miss something? There was no cabinet shown.

  11. you don't have to pretend that men and women have the same strength.

  12. I read about the Toylet game recently when I was reading an old video game magazine. I checked the date, because I thought for sure this was an April Fools gag. But it wasn't. It was very real.

  13. You can play the table flip in Leeds at the arcade. It's amazing!

  14. I had the Ladybird storybook about the turnip pulling family in the 70's. Would have love that game as a kid, if I'd have seem it here. Also to have images showing the dismantling of the Berlin Wall during the fall of Communism in East Germany, I think would have been quite daring/provocative in some South East Asian Countries.

  15. I actually saw a few of these in America as a child in arcades, that cow one in particular burned a hole in my memory.

  16. The picture shown at 10:19, I SWEAR I've seen in a dream before! It's kind of freaking me out, crazy!

  17. Sadly, there is actually a ass controller that was just released.

  18. Why you apologizing for all the sexual games stop being such a sensitive people's shit is for fun why y'all gotta take it to a whole nother level smh

  19. That table game looks like Burnout Dinner Edition, definitely would play.

  20. the chick's head in the spiral thing looks like a rip-off of CarnEvil

  21. Can confirm…the table flipping game is awesome. They have at Round 1, at Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro, NC.

  22. Being a huge japanese arcade/rhythm game fan, I own a few weird cabs/arcade consoles. I was kinda expecting for at LEAST one of my controllers to be on here, but no… these are MUCH weirder 😛

  23. I lost it at "chiptune rendition of the Addam's Family theme."

  24. Oh my god I actually remember the cow! It was indeed weird.

  25. An arcade up here had the table flipping game, and it was every bit as awesome to play as it looks. 😀

  26. Have u ever tried table flipper …awesomeness I tell u

  27. The way he pronounced “urinal” made me angry and confused

  28. So, how does the Berlin Wall cabinet look like?

  29. @4:00 So weird seeing Matsumoto and Hamada looking so young. Took awhile for it to click in my brain that it was them.

  30. I want to play the table flip game and the spanking one at the same time.

  31. Insisting on making stupid woke comments every 30 seconds has really made your video feels like absolute garbage. Downvoted.

  32. To be fair, #3 should have been marketed better, as it would have been a good game for people that cannot own a dog due to having them banned where they live, or for those that like dogs but are, ironically, as well as unfortunately, allergic to dogs.

  33. #9 had some similar games in the Arm Champs I and II arcade games, and they too had faced similar issues.

  34. #2 would have been a huge hit had Nintendo bought the game and made it have a Mario or Doki Doki Panic theme.

  35. Great video although, Uhh no photo of Berlin Wall?

  36. Reskin Repka Siloma with a Super Mario Bros 2-inspired cabinet so it can still be about pulling turnips, and you've got a winner. OK, maybe not a winner, but a good idea. OK, maybe not even that.

  37. I actually played the cow milking one LOL.

  38. I lived in japan for a year and the arcades are awesome and crazy at the same time. Games like vacuuming to walking a dog on a treadmill (i always killed my dog by accident) and slapping a girls ass and seeing how hard you hit!!! Rhese are real arcade machines!

  39. So I have tried Cho Chabudai Gaeshi at the Arcade Club in Bury, Lancashire (shout out to all that go to that awesome place) didn't know what was going on until I read about it and to be honest it was a lot of fun. They do have some weird cabinets inside there….

  40. Super Chabdaigaeshi features some of the best video game humor I've ever seen. It pays homage to comedic editing techniques that were commonplace on Japanese TV about ten years ago. I play it without fail when I run across it (which is rare, I imagine because that arcade machine probably breaks down easily).

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