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10 Video Game Things That DIED in 2021

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2021 was a year full of gaming surprises and disappointments. Thankfully, a few issues in games won’t make it to 2022.
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  1. Unsubscribed to resubscribe and put on all notifications (maybe it will work). YouTube keeps trying to not send me to your videos. Screw you YouTube! Let me watch great creators!

  2. gaming is heading in a downhill spiral to the grave anyway, devs and publishers have gotten to greedy, lazy, arrogant, and incompetent. Ive been spending money and time on older games, new games just arent worth the price tag anymore.

  3. Screw crypto. Also, shout out to my brother's friend who sold me a 3070 at retail price right as the crypto surge was raising prices on gfx cards. I hope this baby lasts me for a loooooong time because I'm not looking forward to paying $2k for my next one.

  4. “Everybody likes the idea of having money, eh weird” Bro what kind of message are you trying to say and spread . Sounds like to me you’re supporting people to not chase after wealth and that’s pretty fucking concerning. Sounds like a commie

  5. Something that need to die is charging full price for multiplayer only online game with free to play mechanics… I’m looking at you battlefield 2077

  6. I think REDCON by Hexage needs to be noticed on a list. It was a great mobile game, great PC game, and completely lived up to the hype it got before its release.

  7. Heres a little secret I havent touched a ubisoft game since the division 1 theres always a turning point for me and that was it same with EA after I played the beta for Anthem done!

  8. Google Stadia has huge potential and I believe it can be the future of gaming. That being said, I think it is just to far ahead of its time. Granted, game streaming isn't "new" since PS Now and Xbox have been doing it for several years now. However, Stadia brings something to the table that will become more popular as IoT becomes more and more mainstream and doable. You combine it with Facebook and their "Metaverse" idea, and you have the potential of having allot going for it. The ability to steam big budget games on any device that can support it has great potential. The problem i see right now is that the overall bandwidth just isn't there yet. Even with 5G and Fiber becoming more readily available, we still aren't going to be ready for that. I have a Stadia with 1Gbps internet and it still struggles to keep up. I like it and the concept is great, but it has some work to do.

  9. Nfts being introduced to games is the play to earn future all gamers dreamed of. You play the game to earn in game rewards that have a correlating currency value. Something to think about

  10. To me the shut down of Anthem rework suck because theirs not a game out there to me that had better movement and shooter combat than that game. I seen sooo much potential there.

  11. Also strangely fine with the cancellations at #1…

  12. I only ever used Stadia to play Destiny 2 on my Linux machine, because there's no support on Linux.

  13. Buying a GPU at anything but MSRP is stupid on anyone's part.

  14. I'm glad the new lotr mmo got shut down, after seeing the state of new world, and all the problems it has had, Amazon would of most likely ruined that too, they're not competent enough to be game developers who care about fans and making a great functioning game surrounding a huge I.P. They're just about the money and I get it that they're a business, money is important, but what most companies seem to forget is…Better games will always bring in more money.

  15. everything on 360 and Playstation 3 is getting shut down for their servers sadly

  16. Pandemic my ass wtf people do some fuckin research outside of your normal everyday shit for once

  17. Noooooo not stalker 2 I am so stoked for that 😭

  18. FPS died
    but whether it was in 2021 or in 2014, or 2013, or 2008, is hard to say

  19. Gamers "wish I bought BTC back in the day!"

    Also Gamers "Woow NFTs are so dumb and will never be worth anything."

  20. Anthem wasn't that bad of a game. There were just a few things holding it back from being really good.

  21. The Sega arcade in Ikekuburo reopened across the street from where it closed. Do you guys not do research before making videos?

  22. I preordered my EVGA RTX 3070 in Nov 2020 with a small Ohio PC retailer, and got it mid-Jan 2021, free shipping and they still honored the original price even though the Chinese tariff exemption expired on Jan 1, 2021. Super grateful getting a 3070 for $549.99

  23. Add to the list gameranx monthly android/ios game..

  24. Online servers for PS Vita gems Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice (Delta) also were shut down a few days ago. RIP, those were great games.

  25. I don't get the hate towards Anthem. Overall the gameplay and combat was amazing. The only issue was they were trying to appease the load people in the forums (ie: adding respawns [Took the intensity out of the harder firefights]) instead of releasing new content. I think if they had a team just focused on adding new missions to the game on a regular bases or even expanding it to a competitive multiplayer, EA would still be supporting it.

  26. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to nft's and digital currency

  27. I was hoping that they would have finally stopped over using pbr on almost everything but meh

  28. Pretty sure cyberpunk was the biggest flop of all time

  29. RIP COD. I love you Soap, Price, Woods…Activision has done horrible things to you.

  30. I imagine crypto will be banned soon enough, as it's an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Isn't China already taking steps in that direction?

  31. As far as the chip shortage thing goes I see it more as a corporate lie to raise prices

  32. Mix on the sound FX. Brutal on headphones. Making me jump.

  33. Sorry mate cryptos coming whether you like it or not.
    Some of the coins are monumentally better not just for the world but the economy. If we stay in the current monetary system, We’re beyond fucked. Plus it’s just the technology behind it too.
    Best if you all look into it now when tbf it’s still early stage.

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