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10 INSANE Evil Endings You Can Unlock in Games

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Some video game endings just feel EXTREMELY bad. Here are some of our favorite evil crazy examples.
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0:00 INTRO
0:31 Detroit: Become Human
2:15 Far Cry 3
3:38 Fallout 3
5:20 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
6:35 Mass Effect 2
7:51 Spiderman: Web of Shadows
9:26 True Crime: Streets of LA
10:31 Zone of The Enders
11:43 Persona 4
12:36 Shadow of Destiny


  1. Thank you for the video ^_^

    Hope you are all well and resting in Jesus saving love + grace ^_^

    Blessings friends ^_^

  2. John 3 verse 16 ^_^

    please search the Gospel (Bible) all who read this.

    Your soul is far to precious to gamble in thinking there is no hell or need for salvation in The Lord Jesus

  3. Why does every realistic rpg game gotta be a knock off of gta. Saints row and True crime were both awesome back in the day, today's graphics on those games would blow competition out of the water. Im disappointed they got black labeled and became what they are.

  4. No infamous 2? Cole straight up MURDERS THE HUMAN RACE

  5. You forgot to mention that the Persona 4 ending is only available in Golden, which is on PC and Vita…

  6. I mean, Fallout 3 is too linear if you had to play the good guy to play the bad guy. There should have been enclave choices 😛

  7. streets of la is a gta knock off? obviously someone did not play it all the way through. both streets of la and streets of new york are nothing like gta . with story. and if you think just because you can drive around and customize cars it makes it a gta knockoff. then youre one of the people that let nostalgia posion there game taste and base to much of youre taste as an adult to that of a child

  8. Infamous second son where delsin blows up the tribe he spent the whole game trying to save

  9. new vegas elijah ending > fo3 citadel ending

  10. My hats off to you… Shadow of destiny is one of my favorite games and nobody talks about it

  11. Who doesn't like to get at least one shite ending in their favorite games? :3

  12. God, mass effect 2 was such a chefs kiss. If you're ever considering trying out mass effect for the first time 2 is great

  13. Bro I failed the suicide mission completely somehow after doing a few loyalty missions for my favorite companions and assigning the right ppl to each task I think it was glitched or something.

  14. In UFO end in the first Silent Hill should be in this list.

  15. Unreal Tournament how when you win you end up in one of those tanks from the first level. It's the default ending though, and was pretty grim as a kid really.

  16. Yeah my wife accidentally got the chick and the little girl in Detroit become human sent to robot Auschwitz. It absolutely destroyed her for like a week.

  17. Goddamn , why y'all always forget Castlevanias !

  18. Web of shadows was effing amazing, I REMEBER swinging then just walking through the streets and people would cheer then just switch to the venom suit and they would immediately just panic and run off lol

  19. Both of FarCry 5s endings are way darker than FarCry 3.

  20. Great video, lots of stuff I've never heard about and would never have played myself.

  21. remember how fucked up infamous second son bad ending?…It was wild and unexpected at all

  22. The final two spots in this list are really a bad ending for the video….. there’s bioshock 2 with 8 different endings and three or four of them are bad ending (great)…. And then the obvious one infamous 2 evil karma ending and second son too.

  23. I'm not gonna lie that Detroit become human bad ending. Is actually a good ending for the humans.

  24. Jade Empire had some great evil/dark-alignment choices throughout.

  25. i was never able to play web of shawdows on the ps3 and xbox the only version i played was on the Nintendo ds and that version was pretty great

  26. Infamous second son also…the evil bad karma ending

  27. The amount of time I spent just F’ing around in Web of Shadows is ridiculous. That game was so much fun. I miss it. I had it on the Wii back in the day and it was a blast to play.

  28. Some of these gaystation games make me happy that I only owned a private jet airliner engine for the span of 4 days before I traded that shit

  29. That ending to Shadow of Destiny reminds me of the ending to Donnie Darko

  30. Really expected undertale to be on the list

  31. damn i actually got ending c in shadow of destiny… i was so bumped out at that time. i really thought i did everything ahhaha. i wish i had read a walkthrough back then

  32. So that's where I got the Zone of Enders demo

  33. I was hoping for ps4 Infamous ending in here but at least you put web of shadows

  34. don't forget the nuke your can detonate in the first you go to I'm fallout 3

  35. that zone of enders one sounds like an NGE depresso

  36. You forgot about the silent hill ending that shows it was all caused by a dog

  37. The zombie thing in true crime is unique

  38. What about the Witcher 3 😪💔? I hated the bad ending

  39. The Force Unleashed III is confirmed…
    Dark side ending is not cannon

  40. Who goes “I’ma just lay here IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET”

  41. I figured Infamous Second Son to be here considering the evil ending has Delsin obliterate his entire community because he’s been shunned. It cuts right before the explosion but man that ending still gives me chills.

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