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10 Arcade Machine Designs you can do in Minecraft & Bedrock!

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Today i show you 10 different kinds of Arcade Machines you can do in Minecraft Java & Bedrock edition!

CREDITS TO Hallmacker for the Whac-a-creeper Idea!
CREDITS TO Magma for the Pinball Machine Idea!
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Time Stamps by Denewbminion!
0:00 Arcade Machine
1:08 DDR Machine
2:03 Pinball Machine
2:35 Claw Machine
5:13 BasketBall Arcade Machine
7:00 Whack A Creeper
8:50 Arcade Machine V2
10:35 Air Hockey Table
12:40 Karaoke Machine
13:32 Token Machine

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  1. Nugget likes nuggets (and tuna of course)

    Edit: yay Nugget be top comment

  2. Yo cap pinball does not work in bedrock claw machine does not work in bedrock and air hocky does not work in bedrock

  3. Title: Minecraft and Bedrock!
    Uses banners on shields for every single one except the karaoke machine
    (If you didn't know you can't put banners on shields in bedrock edition)

  4. you really like armorstands huh? pretty good anyways lol

  5. This literally helped me make my Arcade complete 🙂

  6. in minecraft and bedrock i think you ment java and bedrock but ok

  7. I like the airhockeytable design, well done.

  8. Eso solo se puede en java no se puede combinar los estándar con los escudos en Minecraft bedrock

  9. I don't get it. Why do we need to use snow for the arcade machine? 4 layers of snow is the same exact height as 1 slab. So why not just use a slab? Can someone please explain?

  10. How come yours has no arms but mine do 🤷‍♂️

  11. The DDR machine can also be called DDR Pad

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