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10/10 ARCADE VIDEO GAMES – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny talks about some arcade video games he thinks deserve 10/10

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Octagrammaton Veilchenstein der Dreizehnte says:

    Johnny, please check out Cyber Shadow! You won't regret it!!!

  2. I loved Capcom Punisher and still a classic. I also used to played UN Squadron a lot. Fav game for me too

  3. Haven’t commented in a while brother but I just wanted to say 100% happy for you. I can tell you’re in a Good place in life and I have always been a big fan of your channel. Many blessings bro

  4. I play all these on the Atgames Legends Ultimate. All fantastic. I'm dropping 10s on Batsugun, Cowboys of Moo Mesa, Sunset Riders, Bucky O'Hare, Boogie Wings, Alien Storm, Outrunners and more.

  5. Love hearing your stories dude! Takes me back!

  6. Pit Fighter, TMNT, The Simpsons, and the one where you play as Godzilla or Kong and just destroy buildings

  7. for me there are so many

    1. OutRun
    2. OutRun 2
    3. Ridge Racer
    4. Food Fight
    5. Buggy Boy (Speed Buggy)
    6. Shinobi
    7. Pang
    8. Robocop
    9. Toki
    10. Bubble Bobble

    hon mention have to go with wangan maxumum tune racing 3

  8. 10/10 Arcade games for me are: Rainbow Islands, Truxton 2, R-Type Leo, Sunset Riders, Mystic Warriors, Windjammers, Pang / Buster Bros. , Blood Bros., Violent Storm & Knights of the Round.

  9. My picks are Bosconian [1981] and Ridge Racer [1993].

  10. You're from the Vancouver area weren't you? Surely you've been to the PNE Arcade during the ACTUAL PNE (Not Fun Fair or w/e it was called). Remember that Arcade at the PNE beside all the gambling tables near the roller coaster? Sooooooooooooo many long line ups for Street Fighter II Champion Edition like 2 or 3 summers in a row. Those were my favorite Arcade experiences because no one in my own town or even on Vancouver Island would play SFII as hardcore as the rest of the world.

  11. I feel bad for kids these day who never got to experience the magic of an arcade (or even just a cabinet or two at the local pizza joint or laundromat)…so much fun!

  12. Awesome video, you truly know what great games are and as a 45 year old I can perfectly relate to your content!

  13. Some arcade games I'd consider 10/10. Are TMNT & X-men arcade. Along with Metal Slug, Raiden & House of the Dead. Also there's been a few really good Aliens light gun games aswell. Fun fact I actually keep my PS3 just so I could play House of the Dead 4. Much cheaper then buying a full arcade cabinet. Also House of the Dead 2 & 3 are on PS3 too. And they look better on PS3 then on the Wii.

  14. “Many drug deals and you can get beat up any time…”. Man, where did you play games, in the projects? I went to the arcades and never had any bad experiences….

  15. Arcade swearing. So funny. Thanks for the nostalgia vibes.

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