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🎮👉 Galaga – Gameplay Arcade 1981

Snake Latino
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  1. It's been 4 years and this dude still hearting comments

  2. I came here because someone says that Galaga is a sequel to the Ace Combat franchise.

  3. Um dos melhores jogos, eu não saía do fliperama, so faltava na escola

  4. I remember I sat up with my dad all night for like 7 hours watching him play on one single life. He had like millions of points I don't remember the score

  5. God I remember going to arcades and playing this after I was done with college classes.

  6. Gameplay del Tipo Que Lo vieron jugando galaga

  7. I'd love letting the boss ship steal my ship on purpose and then killing it to have 2 ships

  8. Ah! Memories! I was so hooked on this game as kid that since then, I resolved to not be hooked on games ever again. Fast forward to 2021, I am still clean. But, minus the fun lol

  9. You REALLY need to learn how to play this game kid

  10. Fun Fact: Galaga, DigDug, Ridge Racer and Ace Combat are all set in the same universe

  11. Was also great when u got the double cannons at the challenging stage ….So much easier lol 😆

  12. Loved Galaga back in the day ❤❤🤩

  13. so cool i love it , this was my favorite game 1980s

  14. Tony Stark Cuando Vio Al Wey Jugando Galaga 🤣

  15. hindi naman larong bata etoh Sir naalala parang nangyayari sa ngayon exchanging fires hindi ba climate change, mainit at maalinsangan nga eh, saan kaya uulan para ma balance ang temperatura

  16. That man is playing galaga
    – Tony stark

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